Duspatalin 200mg x30 Capsules

Duspatalin 200mg x30 Capsules

Discover relief from the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with Duspatalin 200mg, a trusted solution designed to alleviate abdominal discomfort and promote gastrointestinal comfort.

Formulated with the active substance mebeverine hydrochloride, Duspatalin offers targeted relief for individuals experiencing the diverse symptoms associated with IBS.


  • Each Duspatalin capsule contains 200mg of mebeverine hydrochloride, ensuring consistent and reliable relief from abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, and gas formation.


  • For adults and children over 10 years of age, the recommended daily dosage is one capsule taken twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Swallow the capsules whole with at least 100ml of water, avoiding chewing to ensure optimal efficacy.

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