Entan 50 Vegan Capsules

Entan 50 Vegan Capsules

Entan 50 Vegan Capsules


Protector of the blood vessels 

What is Entan? 

Entan contains 80mg Proanthocyanidins and 40mg standartizitan extract of ginkgo biloba in a capsule. The standardization process ensures the purity and effectiveness of each capsule Entan

How does Entan work? 

Entan improves blood flow to the retina, limbs, ears and brain. Strengthens the collagen and elastin. Strengthens the blood vessel walls. Has an anti-inflammatory action. Accelerates the circulation of peripheral blood and lymph. Prevents the adhesion of platelets (a type of white blood cells), improves the flowability of the blood and prevents clogging of the vessels. Supplies the necessary oxygen and nutrients. Moreover, Entan has potent antioxidant properties and thus protects the vessels and cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. 

When to Use Entan? 

– Poor circulation in the retina 

– Chronic venous and lymphatic insufficiency of the legs (varicose veins and lymphoedema, hemorrhoids) 

– Peripheral vascular diseases, eg. diabetes, Raynaud’s syndrome and others. 

– Dizziness and tinnitus 

– Post-traumatic and postoperative edema 

– Cerebral atherosclerosis and post-stroke conditions

– To improve memory and concentration 

Is there scientific evidence for Entan? 

The ingredients of Entan are among the most thoroughly studied natural products in the world. There are hundreds of scientific studies demonstrating their effects in different states, eg. poor circulation in the retina, chronic venous and lymphatic insufficiency of the lower limbs, improvement of the memory and cognitive processes, cerebral arteriosclerosis, tinnitus, dizziness and peripheral vascular diseases. 

Are there any side effects? 

When used properly Entan is virtually harmless. Coadministration of anticoagulants drugs (anticoagulants) allows Entan to potentiate their effect. 

How to use Entan? 

1 capsule x 1-2 times daily after meals. 

How to store Entan? 

A dry place below 25 ° C and away from children. 

Entan is trademarked. The product is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice. Entan is a dietary supplement.

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