Exoderil Nailner 2in1 x5ml: Say Goodbye to Fungal Nail Infections and Unsightly Discoloration

Exoderil Nailner 2in1 x5ml: Say Goodbye to Fungal Nail Infections and Unsightly Discoloration

Combat Fungal Nail Infections Effectively and Restore Natural Beauty

Unleash the power of Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1, a revolutionary nail polish designed to tackle fungal nail infections head-on, while simultaneously lightening the infected area and restoring your nails to their natural radiance.

Targeted Treatment for Fungal Nail Infections

Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1 boasts a unique formulation that penetrates deep into the nail plate, reaching the source of the infection and effectively eliminating the fungus. Its acidic pH of below 2.5 disrupts the fungus's growth environment, effectively halting its spread.

Rapid Improvement in Nail Appearance

  • Experience remarkable results with Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1. Witness the noticeable improvement in nail appearance as early as 7 days of use. Its moisturizing properties (glycerin) and brightening agent work synergistically to protect the nail from dryness and enhance its overall appearance.

Prevent Re-Infection and Restore Nail Health

  • Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1 not only treats existing fungal infections but also acts as a preventative measure, creating an unfavorable environment for the fungus to thrive. With continued use, you can expect healthy nail growth and a durable protective barrier against future infections.

Effortless and Convenient Application

  • Simply apply a thin layer of Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1 twice daily for the first four weeks and then once daily until the damaged nail grows out healthily. The solution covers the entire surface of the affected nail, including the lower part of its outer edge for comprehensive coverage.

Ample Solution for Long-Term Treatment

  • The 10ml bottle provides enough solution for approximately 300 applications, ensuring you have adequate treatment for the duration of your nail recovery journey.

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