Exoderil Nailner 2in1 5ml

New Exoderil Nailner 2in1 5ml

Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1 

Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1 x 5 ml by Sandoz is a nail polish that helps in the treatment of fungal infections of the nails and toes. The nail polish Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1 effectively treats fungus  on the nails, while having a lightening effect on the infected area. 

The product has a unique formula that allows ingredients to penetrate into the nail and fight directly with the base of fungal infection. Fungi can not grow in an acidic environment. The composition of Exoderil Nailner reduces the pH of the nail environment to below 2.5, which stops the development of fungal infection. 

The appearance of the nails improves only after 7 days of use. The presence of a moisturizer (glycerin) and a brightening agent in Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1, protects the nail from drying out and visibly improves its appearance.

Applying Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1 prevents new growth from a new infection as it changes the environment and makes it unfavorable to the fungus. Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1 contains a solution sufficient for about 300 applications and prevents re-infection.

How to use:

Apply on clean nails. Apply the solution twice a day for the first four weeks and then once a day until the damaged fingernail grows healthy. The solution should cover the entire surface of the affected nail, including the lower part of its outer edge. Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1 contains a solution sufficient for about 300 applications. Close the bottle tightly after each use.

Size: 10ml

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