Expectorans 5 Syrup 90ml

Expectorans 5 Syrup 90ml

Expectorans N 5

For short-term symptomatic treatment of fever, headache, sore throat and nasal congestion, muscle pains, weakness in colds, flu and other acute viral infections.

Trade Name:

Expectorans No. 5

Active Substance:

Althaeae Radix Extractum fluidum, Sodium benzoate, Potassium bromide, Ammonium chloride

Content in Dose Unit:

6.41 g/100g, 1.92 g/100g, 0.08 g/100g, 0.09 g/100g

Pharmaceutical form:


Method of Administration:



For symptomatic treatment of cough in bronchitis, asthma and inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tract.

Manufactured by CHEMAX PHARMA

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