Femibion 1 tablets x 30

Femibion 1 tablets x 30

Femibion 1 Pregnancy Vitamins: Essential Support for Early Pregnancy

Femibion 1 Pregnancy Vitamins is your trusted companion in preparing for pregnancy and nurturing your baby during the crucial early weeks up to the 12th week. Packed with essential nutrients, Femibion 1 provides optimal support for both you and your growing baby.

What sets Femibion 1 apart is its advanced folate formulation, which includes folic acid and Metafolin. Metafolin is a readily absorbable form of folate, ensuring your body gets the necessary nutrients without the need for pre-conversion.

In addition to folate, Femibion 1 is enriched with vitamin D, crucial for maintaining immune system function and supporting cell division during early pregnancy. Its carefully selected blend of nine vitamins (including B vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin E), iodine, selenium, choline, and iron further contributes to your overall well-being during this critical phase.

Moreover, Femibion 1 is free from gluten, lactose, and gelatin, making it suitable for various dietary preferences and sensitivities.

It's important to note that Femibion 1 is intended as a supplement and should complement a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Adhere to the recommended daily dosage of one tablet, taken with a meal and plenty of water.

For continued support beyond the third month of pregnancy, consider transitioning to Femibion 2, the next stage in your prenatal journey.

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