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Feminela UroForte x 30 Tablets

Feminela UroForte x 30 Tablets

Find Fast Relief & Preventative Support for UTIs with Feminella Uroforte

Say goodbye to urinary tract discomfort with Feminella Uroforte! These convenient film-coated tablets target frequent urination, pain, and burning associated with urinary tract infections (UTIs), including pyelonephritis, urethritis, cystitis, and cystopyelitis.

Powerful Blend for Soothing & Preventing:

  • Cranberry Extract: Clinically-proven cranberry extract rich in proanthocyanidins (PACs) helps prevent bacteria from adhering to bladder walls, reducing the risk of UTIs.
  • Vitamins C & E: Packed with antioxidants, these vitamins shield your urinary tract from damaging free radicals and support immune function.

Dual Action for Total UTI Support:

  • Fast Relief: Experience quicker comfort from burning, pain, and frequent urination during acute UTIs with a 10-day regimen.
  • Proactive Prevention: For chronic UTIs, take Feminella Uroforte daily to help prevent future infections.

Convenient & Gentle:

  • Take just 1 tablet daily with meals and stay hydrated for optimal results.
  • Gluten-free formula suitable for everyday use.

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