Fenistil Gel Fast Relief Bites 50g EXPIRY DATE 31.01.2021

Fenistil Gel Fast Relief Bites 50g EXPIRY DATE 31.01.2021

Fenistil Gel Fast Relief Bites 50g (EXPIRY DATE 31.01.2021)
Fenistil Gel a highly

Effective product for fast relief from itching, inflammation and pain associated with skin rashes, hives, insect bites, sun burns and superficial (minor) burns. Fenistil is an aqueous gel, which allows the active substance a good penetration into the skin, so that itching and other skin irritations are quickly alleviated (within minutes).

The gel is odorless and colourless and does not stain clothing. The gel inhibits the action of histamine, one of the substances released during allergic reactions to, for example, insect bites or stings, nettle rash etc. It soothes itching & irritation.

Due to its local anesthetic properties, Fenistil Gel quickly eases associated pain & discomfort in the affected areas.

USES: For speedy, short-term relief of itching, pain & discomfort from insect bites & stings, small minor burns, mild eczema flare-ups (only use on unbroken skin), urticaria and other allergy-related skin problems. If you think infection is present, consult your doctor before use.

HOW TO USE: Apply in a thin layer to the affected skin & and gently rub. May be applied up to 3 times daily. Apply only on unbroken skin surfaces. A very mild burning sensation may be felt when first applied & there may be some skin dryness after use. Please note that the gel is intended for use on SMALL areas of skin. If itching is very strong or extensive areas of skin are affected, if infection is suspected or if symptoms do not improve within a week, consult your doctor. 

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