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Floragyn 6 Vaginal Ovules

Floragyn 6 Vaginal Ovules

Introducing Floragyn Vaginal Ovules: Your Essential Solution for Women's Intimate Care

Floragyn, crafted by the renowned pharmaceutical company So Se Pharm, offers a comprehensive approach to maintaining and restoring vaginal health. These vaginal ovules are specially formulated to aid in the preservation of the normal bacterial flora of the vaginal mucosa, ensuring optimal balance and comfort for women.

What sets Floragyn apart is its unique blend of ingredients, meticulously selected to deliver maximum benefits:

  • Restoring Balance: The lactobacilli contained within the ovules actively inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, promoting a healthy vaginal flora balance. With six strains, including Bulgaricus, Acidophylus, Biphidus, Termophylus, Plantarum, and Casei, Floragyn works synergistically to enhance protection.
  • Healing Properties: Enriched with glycerides of wheat germ and stabilized vitamin C, Floragyn penetrates deep into the layers of the mucous membrane, facilitating healing and restoration. This potent combination alleviates discomfort and promotes tissue regeneration.
  • Maintaining pH Balance: Lactic acid, in conjunction with vitamin C, helps to regulate the vaginal pH, ensuring it remains within the optimal range of 4-4.5. By preserving acidity, Floragyn creates an environment that is inhospitable to harmful bacteria, supporting overall vaginal health.
  • Soothing Relief: Algae extract, renowned for its soothing properties, provides effective relief from irritation and itching. By reducing discomfort, it aids in preserving the natural state of lactobacilli, further promoting vaginal wellness.

Usage: For optimal results, insert one Floragyn vaginal ovule before bedtime. For enhanced effectiveness, consider pre-washing with Floragyn Intimate Liquid Soap.

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