Floragyn 6 Vaginal Ovules

New Floragyn 6 Vaginal Ovules

Floragyn 6 Vaginal Ovules

Monitor and maintain the natural balance of the vaginal flora.

Restore physiological pH. Have a soothing effect.

Floragyn vaginal ovules help maintain the natural balance of pH and reduce the risk of discomfort and irritation. PH balance of the vagina can be disrupted by inappropriate use of soap or the occurrence of hormonal changes, especially around the time of menstruation and treatment with antibiotics.

Floragyn vaginal ovules is an original development to maintain and restore the normal bacterial flora of the vaginal mucosa.

Floragyn vaginal ovules contain:

• Lysates of lactobacilli, stabilized in a plant extract (6 types: Bulgaricus, Biphidus, Termophilus, Plantarum, Casei) by "booster effect" for arresting the development of pathogenic species of bacteria (also depending on various subjective situations) and maintaining a physiological pH (4- 4.5) of the vaginal mucosa.

• glycerides wheat germ with healing and reepitelizirashto action on the deeper layers of the epithelium of vaginal mucosa.

• Vitamin C in a stabilized form with the protective action of the epithelium.

• Lactic acid - contributes, together with vitamin C, maintaining an acidic pH in the vagina.

• extract of seaweed with a sedative and protivodrazneshto action that reduces the need for scratching.

CAUTION: The yellow coloration of the upper ovules due to the presence of lactobacilli and does not change the best quality product.


6 vaginal ovules with lactobacilli, each of 2 g.

Manufacturer: So.Se.PHARM s.r.l, Italy

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