Floragyn Intimate Hygiene Soap 200ml

New Floragyn Intimate Hygiene Soap 200ml

Floragyn Intimate Hygiene Soap 200ml

Floragyn detergent for intimate hygiene with a lactobacillus lysate

Floragyn intimate hygiene soap - a soft tool for everyday intimate genital hygiene. Its anti-bacterial effect prevents the irritation and inflammation. It is also recommended in cases where poor micturitions are redness, menstrual cycle, postpartum and older women (patients with urinary incontinence). 

Due to their composition, the effect is threefold:

- On a daily basis to effectively and gently wash away;

- Saves the pH and bacterial flora of lactobacilli antagonistic operation has a preventive effect in preventing mucositis;

- The chlorhexidine and salicylic acid exposure occurs antimicrobial and antibacterial effects;

- Are active on alpha-acid activity ketoglutarinës it stops ammonia ions resulting from the fermentation of urine and urination, operation.

Vaginal hygiene is one of the most important aspects of feminine hygiene. Vaginal hygiene requires a lot of attention because of vaginal washing is an effective tool for keeping intimate hygiene. On the other hand, frequent washing may damage or weaken the environment, on which depends the further womens health (decisive delicate balance of several factors). The need to frequently perform intimate rinses most cases, may degrade the natural vaginal flora and however often result in bacterial infection. 

Clinical trials have demonstrated the vaginal mucus can accumulate hazardous strains of bacteria (usually lactobacilli), operating in other bacteria antagonistic to the contrary, can be dangerous (either directly or through bacterial metabolic products).

Healthy vaginal mucosa condition of even the non-pathogenic bacteria strains and their support of dominance.These strains are different species of lactobacilli and their operation does not propagate to other microbes. A woman"s vagina is a complex ecosystem created by bacteria in the vagina in the presence of a broad group of fissionable materials. 

Vaginal ecosystem composition may be influenced by several factors (antibiotic treatment, the frequent washes, oral contraceptives, hormone imbalances, the drugs into the vagina).Change or weakening of the normal vaginal flora, the mucosa becomes susceptible to the harmful effects of having a microbial infection. 

Vaginal microflora was investigated in various modern microbiological means to be aware of the composition of the vaginal secretion and its characteristics.

The bacterial flora changes and inflammatory effects result from the ability of lactobacilli operation creates itself under the influence of these processes

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