Floragyn Silver Spray Vaginal Foam 50ml Plus 4 Cannulas

New Floragyn Silver Spray Vaginal Foam 50ml Plus 4 Cannulas

Floragyn Silver Spray

Ingredients: hyaluronic acid (as sodium salt), wheat germ extract, colloidal metallic silver

Hyaluronic acid is a natural product, the concentration of which depends on age. It stimulates fibroblasts by contributing to the development of connective tissue. This specific property, as well as its soothing effect, contribute to the recovery of the skin.

A thin layer of hyaluronic acid covers the vaginal mucosa, forming a natural barrier and improving the healing process, which eliminates redness, irritation and abrasion of the vaginal mucosa.

Colloidal metallic silver is known as the oldest and most reliable means of destroying microbes ("kills" over 650 microbes). It has no smell, taste and has a very mild effect on sensitive tissues.

Wheat germ extract, enriched with vitamin E, is a natural hydrating and eutrophic oil with emollient and antioxidant action.

Application method:

1-2 applications daily.

The cannula is inserted into the bottle with the top of the cylinder held down. A comfortable position is taken and the cannula is inserted into the vagina at a depth of about 5 cm; then press for 4-5 seconds.

The cannula can be used again after rinsing with hot water.

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