Fluditec 5% Syrup: Breathe Easier and Clear Mucus Buildup (125ml)

Fluditec 5% Syrup: Breathe Easier and Clear Mucus Buildup (125ml)

Experience Relief from Chest Congestion with Fluditec 5% Syrup

Fluditec 5% Syrup is a solution for adults and children over 15 struggling with a productive cough and difficulty clearing mucus. This over-the-counter medication helps loosen phlegm and ease congestion, allowing you to breathe easier and recover faster.

How Fluditec 5% Syrup Works:

  • Active Ingredient: Carbocisteine (750mg per 15ml dose) acts as a mucolytic, thinning and loosening thick mucus in your airways. This makes it easier for you to cough up phlegm and clear your respiratory system.
  • Supports a Healthy Cough: Fluditec 5% Syrup respects your body's natural defense mechanisms. By loosening mucus, it helps you maintain a productive cough, essential for removing irritants and promoting healing.

Important Information:

  • Dosage: One 15ml measuring cup (containing 750mg carbocisteine), 3 times a day, after meals.
  • Duration: Do not use for more than 5 days without consulting your doctor.
  • Safety: Talk to your doctor before use if you have allergies, other medical conditions, or are pregnant/breastfeeding.

Active Ingredient:  Carbocisteine 750mg per 15ml.

Other Ingredients:  Glycerol, methylparahydroxybenzoate, sucrose, sunset yellow FCF, patent blue V, sodium hydroxide, caramel essence, purified water.

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