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Biogame Proescultan Gel 200g

Proescultan Gel increases the tone of under-femoral veins of people who have no diseases of peripher..

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Cicatri Plus 36 Capsules

Cicatri Plus 36 capsulesCicatri Plus, with high-quality ingredients, helps to improve blood circulat..

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Cicatridina 10 suppositories

CICATRIDINA suppositories*10 pieces1.      Composition:Hyaluronic acid sodium salt 5 ..

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Cicatridina Ointment 60g


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Flebaven 1000mg 30 Tablets

Flebaven 1000mg 30 TabletsIndications for use;Therapy of symptoms of venous-lymphatic insufficiency:..

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Flebaven 500mg 30 Tablets

Flebaven 500mg 30 TabletsIndications for use;Therapy of symptoms of venous-lymphatic insufficiency:-..

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Grapefruit Kern Espara Capsules x 60

ESPARA, GRAPEFRUIT KERN, CAPSULES x 60, 140mgThe concentrated extract of grapefruit seed is the perf..

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HemoClin Spray 35ml

HemoClin Spray 35mlInstant relief from anal discomforts and external haemorrhoidsSupports the natura..

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HemoClin Tube 37g With Applicator

HemoClin Tube 37g (with applicator)Instant relief from haemorrhoids, fissures and anal discomfortsSo..

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HEMOPROPIN propolis ointment hemorrhoid relief (APIMED)

Ointment contains propolis tincture embedded in the proper grease base. Propolis is preservative as ..

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Matsan Doych C Cream Against Hemorrhoids 30ml

MATSAN DOYCH C CREAM GREEN AGAINST HEMORRHOIDS 30 mlFor veins and hemorrhoidsThe cream is designed t..

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Oak Bark Bilec 60g

OAK BARK - BILEC, 60 GQuercus cortexIngredients: chopped, dried peel Oak - 100%.Recommended for skin..

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Oxibio Powerful Balanced Antioxidant Tablets X 30

OXIBIO POWERFUL BALANCED ANTIOXIDANT, TABLETS X 30Oxibio is a powerful and balanced antioxidant form..

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Pilex Himalaya Tablets x 40

Pilex, Himalaya, Tablets x 40Action: By relieving hepatic congestion and portal pressure, Pilex tabl..

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Procto-Glyvenol Cream 30g

PROCTO-GLYVENOL (HAEMORRHOIDS) CREAM 30 G.For the local treatment of haemorrhoidsActive substance: T..

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