Herbal cough products

Herbal cough products

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Apitusik honey syrup with thyme and propolis tinctures 100 ml (Apimed)

APITUSIK honey syrup with thyme and propolis tincturesSyrup contains: honey, thyme tincture, and pro..

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Cefabronchin Drops 50ml

Cefabronchin Drops 50 mlTreating cough purely herbalA unique combination of six proven medicinal pla..

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Cough Himalaya Syrup 120ml

COUGH SYRUP, 120mlCough Syrup is a safe nonalcoholic and non sedating herbal syrup which assists t..

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Fluditec Syrop 2% 125ml -22%

Fluditec Syrop 2% 125ml


£8.89 £6.89 Ex Tax: £6.89

Fluditec Syrup 5% 125ml -21%

Fluditec Syrup 5% 125ml

Fluditec Syrup - 50mg / 125ml Cough Syrup Chronic Inflammatory Bronchial DiseaseFluditec Syrup (Carb..

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Grintuss 20 tablets

Aboca GrinTuss 20 Tablets to Suck acts on the dry cough by fighting the irritation of the mucous mem..

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Herbal Sept Lollipops Against Cough 6 pieces

Dr. Theiss Herbal Sept Lollipops Against Cough 6 piecesHerbal Sept lollipops are a tasty and effecti..

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Herbitussin cough and throat x 12 lozenges

HERBITUSSIN cough and throat x 12 lozenges• Herbitussin Cough and Throat is a preparation for t..

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Hustagil cough syrup 150ml

Hustagil Thyme cough syrup, 150 mlHustagil is cough syrup, which is used for the bronchi inflammatio..

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Koflet Himalaya Lozenges x 10

KOFLET 10 LOZENGES, 125mgKoflet supports healthy bronchial mucous and normal breathing function and ..

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Mucoplant Syrup Dr.Theiss 100ml

Mucoplant, Ribwort Syrup With Honey, Dr.Theiss, 100mlApplication form: syrups and suspensions for in..

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Mucoplant Syrup Goodnight Dr.Theiss 100ml

Cough Syrup, Mucoplant Goodnight, Dr.Theiss, 100mlForget persistent irritating cough ... Sleep ..

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Prospan Cough Syrup 100ml

Prospan Cough Syrup 100ml thins out the mucus in the lungs to relieve chesty, wet coughs. It also he..

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Salvia Pastilles X 12

Salvia Pastilles, Dr.Theiss,X 12Indications: Has beneficial effects on the structures and funct..

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Tussavit cough syrup 250g

Tussavit cough syrup 250gTussavit cough syrup | herbal medicinal productThe natural way to free brea..

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