Cefabronchin Drops 50ml

Cefabronchin Drops 50ml

Cefabronchin Drops 50 ml

Treating cough purely herbal

A unique combination of six proven medicinal plants (thyme, Iceland moss, red soapwort root, pimpernel root, eucalyptus leaves and bitter fennel fruits) in Cefabronchin supports the dissolution of mucus and alleviates the tickle in one's throat in case of cough due to a cold.

Fields of application:

Traditionally used to facilitate the liquefaction of the secretion in the respiratory tract and to alleviate the throat irritation, caused by colds.

Cefabronchin is a traditional pharmaceutical, which is solely registered based on long-term use for the field of application. You should consult a physician or another qualified person, working in a medical profession, in case of persisting disease symptoms or in case of appearance of undesirable effects other than mentioned in the package leaflet.

Active ingredients: 

Fluid extract from thyme herb. Extract from a mixture of Iceland moss / red soapwort root / pimpernel root / eucalyptus leaves / bitter fennel fruits and star anise fruits as other ingredient.

Contains 28 vol.-% alcohol, glucose, fructose and potassium hydrogen sulfite.

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