Memory, concentration

Memory, concentration

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Potenciator 10ml 20 Ampoules

POTENCIATOR® 5g Arginine aspartateDOSAGE FORM: Oral solution in drinkable ampoules.COMPOSITION: Each..

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Selenogin 60 tablets

Selenogin 60 tabletsDetailed information on ingredients What is Selenogin? Selenogin is a ..

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Tebokan 80mg 60 Tablets

WHAT IS TEBOKAN 80 MG AND WHAT IT IS USED?Tebokan 80 mg contains: Ginkgo biloba standardized extract..

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Tebokan Forte 120mg 30 Tablets

Tebokan Forte 120mg 30 TabletsThe extract of the Ginkgo leaves contains flavonoid glycosides and ter..

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Vinogin 30 Capsules

Product DescriptionVINOGINVINOGIN contains the proven combination of Ginkgo biloba extract and magne..

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Vinogin Ginkgo Plus 60 Capsules

Product DescriptionVINOGIN GINKGO PLUSPURPOSE:Contributes to the normal functioning of memory, conce..

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