Isostar lemon 400ml

Isostar lemon 400ml

Isostar Powertabs Fast Hydration lemon drink
my objective
Managing my hydration
Increasing endurance
Promoting draining
Optimising my recovery

Special features
Effervescent Powertabs tablets are specially suited to short, intense exercise, with their appropriate dose of carbohydrates, energy (87 kcal/portion) and micro-nutrients. This isotonic drink provides optimal hydration and gastric drainage. It is also rich in vitamins C and E, B1 and Calcium and Magnesium: - vitamins B1, contribute to the conversion of food into energy. - vitamins C, E  are involved in the antioxidant protection of cellular components.  - vitamin C can contribute to reducing fatigue in the event of a deficiency. - calcium and magnesium contribute to good muscle function. This sparkling carbohydrate drink is particularly enjoyable after exercise.

When to eat
While warming up (150 ml every 15 min) and regularly during and after exercise (up to 2 hours after exercise) (150 ml every 15 min). Procedure for preparing a portion: dissolve 2 tablets in 500 ml of water.

Preferred activities
Before and during short exertions (

Dextrose; acidifier: citric acid, sodium bicarbonate; starch; maltodextrin; natural lemon flavouring with outer natural flavourings; potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, calcium phosphate; sweetener: aspartame; vitamins C, E, B1; colouring: beta-carotene.   Contains a source of phenylalanine.

Nutritional values
Powertabs Fast Hydration lemon drink
  Unit Each amount in 100g % R.D.A in 100g Each amount in 24g % R.D.A in 24g
Energy value Kcal 359 - 86 -
Energy value Kj 1529 - 367 -
Proteins g 0 - 0 -
Carbohydrates g 78,9 - 18,9 -
of which sugars g 74 - 17,8 -
Lipids g 0 - 0 -
of which saturated g 0 - 0 -
Fibre g 0 - 0 -
Sodium g 1,4 - 0,34 -
Calcium mg 370 46% 89 11%
Magnesium mg 140 37% 34 9%
Potassium mg 400 20% 96 5%
Vitamin E mg 11,8 98% 2,8 23%
Vitamin C mg 102 128% 24 30%
Vitamin B1 mg 1,0 91% 0,24 22%

FR-B Fabriqué dans un atelier qui utilise: gluten, lait, soja, crustaces
EN Manufactured in a workshop which uses: gluten, milk, soya, crustaceans
BU Произведено в предприятие, в което се работи с: глутен, мляко, соя, ракообразни
CZ Vyrobeno v provozu, kde se používají: lepek, mléko, sója, korýši
DE Hergestellt in einem Betrieb, der folgende Zutaten verwendet: gluten, milch, soja, schalentiere
ES Elaborado en una fábrica donde se utiliza: gluten, leche, soja, crustáceos
HU A következő termékeket felhasználó üzemben készült: glutén, tej, szója, rákfélék
IT Fabbricato in un reparto che utilizza: glutine, latte, soia, crostacei
NL-B Gemaakt in een bedrijf waar ook de volgende ingrediënten worden verwerkt: gluten, melk, soja, schaaldieren
PT Fabricado num estabelecimento que utiliza: glúten, leite, soja, crustáceos
RO Produs într-o fabrică în care se utilizează: gluten, lapte, soia, crustacee
SU Tillverkas i en anläggning där man använder: gluten, mjölk, soja, skaldjur
TU Bu ürünlerin kullanıldığı bir atölyede üretilmiştir: glüten, süt, soya, deniz kabuklulari
PL Wyprodukowano w zakładzie stosującym: gluten, mleko, soja, skorupiaki

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