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Acidophilus FOS Capsules x 60

TERRAPOINT, ACIDOPHILUS-FOS, CAPSULES x 60 Only more available in small quantities!These capsules co..

£22.99 Ex Tax: £22.99

Astarte 14 capsules

Lactobacilli are essential for keeping the vaginal flora healthy and for the prevention of vaginal i..

£12.39 Ex Tax: £12.39

Bio Balance 10 Sachets

BIO Balance 10 SachetsFood supplement For adults and children over 6 years. Probiotics con..

£9.59 Ex Tax: £9.59

Biogaia Prodentis Lozenges X 10

Biogaia Prodentis Lozenges, X 20Probiotic mint flavoured lozenges.BioGaia ProDentis lozenges is a d..

£11.49 Ex Tax: £11.49

BioGaia Protectis Chewable Tablets (Strawberries) X 10

BioGaia Protectis Chewable Tablets (Strawberries, Flavour), X 10BioGaia ProTectis chewable tablets i..

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Biogaia Protectis Drops 5ml

Biogaia Protectis Drops, 5mlDigestive Health Probiotic dropsBioGaia ProTectis drops is a dietary sup..

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Biogaia Protectis vitamin D3 х 10

BIOGAIA PROTECTIS + vitamin D 3 х 10 Contains: Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis - good bacteria ..

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Biozin Probiotic Femme 15 Capsules

Biozin Probiotic Femme contains 15 gastro-resistant capsules per pack.Biozin Probiotic Femme contain..

£12.79 Ex Tax: £12.79

Elaxa 20 Capsules

Elaxa capsulesIt gives a soft laxative effect and helps defecation.Helps metabolism and digestive pr..

£8.99 Ex Tax: £8.99

Lactacare Daily Synbiotic 30 Capsules

Lactacare Daily Synbiotic 30 capsulesLactacare Daily is a combination of 4 specially designed bio-re..

£20.69 Ex Tax: £20.69

Lactacare Plus 15 Capsules

Lactacare Plus 15 CapsulesLactacare Plus is a combination of four specially designed bio reinforced ..

£9.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Lactacare Stop 1000mg 6 Sachets

Lactacare Stop is a unique combination of 3 specially selected strain thermally destroyed bacteria, ..

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Lactoflor Bio Plus 20 chewable tablets

Lactoflor BioPlus 20 chewable tabletsBest local dental hygieneEach tablet contains:Prebiotic (inulin..

£8.19 Ex Tax: £8.19

Lactoflor Bio Plus 60 Capsules

Lactoflor BioPlusPromotes the recovery of the intestinal microbial flora disturbed in intestinal inf..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

Lactoflor Enteric Ecol 10 Capsules

Lactoflor Enteric Ecol 10 CapsulesEnteric Ecol helps to control acute diarrhea and colitis in adults..

£6.29 Ex Tax: £6.29