Frutilax 150ml Syrup

Frutilax 150ml Syrup


Frutilax is a polysaccharide syrup of fig and plum, extremely suitable for children and pregnant women and for diabetics. Rich in fiber, phenols and minerals, effective in constipation (constipation). Contains more mint and dill oil that help with gas and colic.

Effect of individual syrup components:

Fig and plum are fruits with a marked laxative effect due to the proven content of:

   - Invert sugars and fiber - they are due to the mild laxative effect based on osmotic processes in the intestine and act antiseptically

    -Magnesium - a mineral that improves intestinal motility

    -Vitamins and pectin

Mint and wild fennel oils - strengthen the laxative effect and act as gas and spasmolytic

Phenols - have antiseptic action against pathogenic intestinal microorganisms

Sorbitol - acts as a hyperosmotic agent and has its own laxative effect

Benefits of syrup:

Frutilax is ideally laxative because it is:

   - natural product containing natural ingredients

    -there is a combined mechanism of action against constipation

    -the laxative effect is mild and physiological

    -there is no danger of unwanted uterine contractions

    -does not contain sucrose and does not cause dehydration

    -has antiseptic action against pathogenic intestinal microorganisms

    -does not cause accidents and weakens the effect

    -has a pleasant fruity taste

    -easy and convenient to use

Recommended Dosages:

Adults: 1-2 tablespoons in the morning and evening, taken with liquid

Children: 1-2 teaspoons morning and evening, taken with liquid

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