Consent for online profiling


Thanks to solutions such as cookies technology and the processing of your data by PERSIMMON GROUP LTD and its business associates, we can ensure that the content displayed to you will be customized to your interests. By agreeing to the use of this technology by PERSIMMON GROUP LTD and our business associates and the processing of such data by these entities, also in the area of profiling, market and statistical analysis, you make it easier to find the content that interests you the most, and to us and our business associates to better match the displayed adverts and messages.

In addition, we want to present you the offers that are most suited to your preferences and interests. By agreeing, you allow us to prepare offers and discounts, based on the analysis of your online activity. These offers can significantly affect your purchasing decisions. The proposal is intended for people over 18 years of age.

For your convenience, you can now click on the button below to express the consents mentioned above. Of course, you can also manage your consents in the Privacy Policy. Remember that consent is voluntary.

We care about your privacy, and your consents may be revoked at any time, which, however, will not affect the lawfulness of the processing that we will make before they are withdrawn. Find out more [hyperlink to Privacy Policy and Cookies]. At this address, you can also get acquainted with the list of our business associates.

What is cookies technology? uses technology that stores and gains access to information on your computer or other device connected to the network (in particular with the use of cookies) concerning your online activity, in order to present you with customized adverts, and to assess some of your information as well as part of automated processing of personal data, i.e. profiling (we analyze your activity so that we can better adapt to specific, general groups of our clients, but without significantly affecting their decisions - unless you express separate consent), market and statistical analysis, and improving the quality of the information presented to you. This technology is also used by our business associates, with whom we cooperate, who can also install such files on your device during your use of our services. So that we and our business associates can use this technology for purposes related to the provision of electronic services, please agree to this option.

When can you revoke your consent to the use of cookies?

Consent may be revoked at any time - but this will not affect the lawfulness of the processing we will make before it is withdrawn.

What if you resign of cookies?

Not allowing cookies to display ads customized to your interests does not mean that you will not receive any advertising when using our or other websites - in this case, you will continue to receive the same number of ads, but not related to your activity on our site page.

How will the website work without permission to use cookies?

In case of not having your consent, you can still save files on your device that are only necessary to ensure the proper functioning of our website (related to e.g., preferred language settings, filling out shopping forms, etc.). You can modify these settings as part of a web browser, but some parts of our site will not work properly.

Are cookies personal data and who can administer them?

To the extent that the information obtained through the above technology can be considered as your personal data, as a rule, the administrator is PERSIMMON GROUP LTD, based in Sofia, unless you express additional consent for data processing by our business associates - in this case they may also become the admin of your personal data.

There are several basics for processing personal data obtained in this way. On the one hand, the basis for their processing is your consent to the use of technology that mainly uses cookies and our legitimate interest, which is the need to provide the highest quality content presented at and marketing activities (and the legitimate interest of our business associates as a third party, which is their marketing, in that case they do not have access to your data).

On the other hand, to the extent that our business associates may have direct access to this information - your legal consent is the legal basis for such processing.

What can you gain thanks to the additional consent for profiled offers?

Additionally, if you are at least 18 years old - analysis of your online activity can also be used to create and present you advertising and offers (rebates) to the highest possible extent adapted to your preferences, which can significantly affect your consumer decisions - in this case, however, we kindly ask you to agree to such activities. From simple "profiling" (i.e., customizing our messages or banners to your interests), our actions are distinguished by the fact that their result can significantly affect your choices as a consumer, for example, their result can be very beneficial, temporary shoe offers exclusively for you, based on your purchase history and behavior on our website that other customers will not have access to.

As a rule, the more often you will use our services and purchase our products, the better promotions and surprises we will be able to prepare for you. In this case, the basis for such action is your consent, which you voluntarily agree.

When can you withdraw your consent for profiled offers?

You can revoke it at any time - but this will not affect the lawfulness of the processing that we will make before you withdraw it.

In what other purposes can my data be processed?

We will also process your data for purposes related to the potential dispute between you and the administrator (the legal basis for their processing is, in this case, the legitimate interest of the administrator).

Who and in what circumstances can we provide with the data?

We can give your data to the entities that help us to run our website and application, e.g., they support us in marketing campaigns, service our software, provide support and operation of our tools and IT systems, provide ongoing legal services, carry out audits, etc., including companies from our capital group.

How long can we process the data?

We will process the obtained data, depending on technical issues, until you object to their processing, delete your files using the browser / device settings (although deleting files is not always the same as deleting personal data obtained through these files) or cancellation of a voluntary consent, unless the law obliges us to process it for a longer period or we will store it for a longer period of time in case of potential claims, for a period of limitation prescribed by law, in particular, the Civil Code.

How to contact the administrator of your data?

You can contact us at any time: PERSIMMON GROUP LTD. With registered office at Address: Sofia; e-mail:, phone: +359884002215. In this way, you can also contact our Data Protection Officer. You also have the right to access your data, request rectification, delete or restrict processing, transfer your personal data, e.g., to another administrator, the right to raise objections, as well as the right to lodge a complaint to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office. Find out more At this address, you can also get acquainted with the list of our business associates.

Due to technologies that store and access information on your device connected to the network (using cookies), PERSIMMON GROUP LTD. and its business associates can present you tailored advertising and improve the quality of the information presented to you. Consent will allow us or our business associates to use these technologies, including the assessment of certain information about your online activity, including profiling, market, and statistical analysis. Information obtained through these technologies may be considered your personal data. If you agree to the processing, the administrator who processes them for the purposes described above will be PERSIMMON GROUP LTD. or its business associates, respectively.

The content displayed will not be matched to your preferences. By agreeing to the use of cookies, you help us to better tailor the offer to your needs.