Gerissan 10 Capsules

Gerissan 10 Capsules

Gerissan 10 Capsules

Gerisan is a natural product of the roots of the Bloody Cranesbill (geranium sanguineum). 

Apart from individual successes in the use of vaccines, humanity does not yet have enough reliable and versatile means to fight viral infections. 

Many Bulgarian scientists have studied the medicinal plants of our area in terms of their antiviral activity. Virological studies conducted initial screenings. The development of molecular biology and virology opened up new horizons in knowledge of the viral reproductive path course so we can create a proper response. 

The prerequisites for success in creating products of plant origin with antiviral activity in Bulgaria are many. Firstly, the extraordinary wealth of medicinal plants which can be found in our nature. Important and extensive experience in their use in folk medicine by great healers.

Medicinal plant Geranium Sanguineum L / Bloody Cranesbill / is detailed and thoroughly investigated by many Bulgarian authors. Expressed inhibitory effect on the multiplication of certain strains of influenza virus isolated from its polyphenol complex. Polyphenol complex act on the biological activity of the virus. Due to its small molecular weight polyphenol complex penetrates the cell membrane of an already infected cell by inhibiting the intracellular stages of viral replication. 

There are experimental results that give reason to assume that the polyphenol complex extracted from a Geranium Sanguineum L / blood geranium /, in certain concentrations, completely inactivates the infectious activity of influenza viruses. 

In Bulgaria, there was created and manufactured a product of the roots of blood geranium / this part of the plant is the most rich in polyphenol complex / called Gerisan.

Gerissan, administered in doses of 1 capsule per day, for a significantly reduced likelihood of infection with influenza virus. 

All these studies and the data give us reason to confidently assume that “Gerissan” can be used to help prevention of particularly dangerous and deadly viral infections such as avian flu, swine flu and others. 

Scientists believe that in combination with synthetic detergents like Rimantadine, Gerissan is boosted to provide even greater protection against viral infections. 

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