Geritamin x 20 Capsules

Geritamin x 20 Capsules

Geritamin® Neo 20 Capsules A + E

• 3 months recommended acceptance
• Stimulates the growth and strength of hair and nails, Improves skin condition
• Increases visual acuity, Prevents damage to the retina in diabetic
• Suitable for acne and other skin disorders, Helps restore mucosal inflammatory respiratory, urogenital and intestinal diseases
Product description
Geritamin Neo is a product that allows us to treat "approved" over the years for health and beauty. Geritamin Neo is a combination of two of the valuable vitamins A and E. In combination, these two vitamins mutually reinforcing in effect. E, for example, slows the breakdown of vitamin A in the body and with it increases the rate of absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. For their part antisterilitetnite Vitamin A strengthens the properties of vitamin E. Geritamin Neo health care and beautiful appearance of the skin, hair and nails. Geritamin Neo stimulate growth and strength of hair. Strengthens nails. Improves skin condition. But beyond the beauty, Geritamin Neo will take care of your health. Geritamin Neo enhances visual acuity by stimulating the synthesis of visual pigment. Improves the immune system and help fertility. Supports recovery of mucosal inflammatory respiratory, urogenital and intestinal diseases. Directions: 1-2 capsules daily for 2-3 months. Content in 1 caps. GERITAMIN NEO: Vitamin A - 1500 mcg. RE / 5,000 IU / Vitamin E - 67 mg α-TE / 100 IU /, soybean oil.

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