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911 Venolgon gel 100 ml

911 FOOT GEL VENOLGON, 3.38 OZ/ 100 MLIngredients: Lemon oil, leaf extracts of hazelnut, prickly but..

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Abo Pharma Abopholic Meta 30 Tablets

ABOPHOLIC META-methylated folic acidUsed for: L-methylfolate contributes to the normal course o..

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Abo Pharma Soy Isoflavones 75mg 30 Capsules

ISOFLAVONPurpose:Soy Isoflavones are phytoestrogens that have effects similar to the natural female ..

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Aleract 30 Tablets

Aleract 30 TabletsAleract is a dietary supplement meant to prevent the risk factors for miscarriage ..

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Androfix Prostate Support 60 Capsules

Product DescriptionAndrofix Prostate Support 60 capsules is food supplement from Biotica.Androfix is..

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Andrositol 30 Sachets x 3,5gr

ANDROSITOL 30 sachets 3.5 gr can be useful in all cases of reduced fertility in men.Man’s reproducti..

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Anervina Oral Drops 50ml

Anervina Oral Drops 50ml – Product DescriptionAnervina*50 ml oral dropsCategory: Medicine1. Wha..

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Anti-Stretch Mark Body Oil Ikarov 100ml

Anti-Stretch Mark Body Oil Ikarov 100mlSAFFLOWER & LAVENDER FORNORMAL AND SENSITIVE SKINThe anti..

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Ashwagandha Himalaya capsulesx 60

Ashwagandha, Himalaya, Vegetarian Capsulesx 60Benefits of Ashvagandha:Ashvagandha promotes physical ..

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Astarte 14 capsules 2-3 Days

Astarte 14 capsules

Lactobacilli are essential for keeping the vaginal flora healthy and for the prevention of vaginal i..

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Bactohealth 30 Capsules

Bactohealth 30 CapsulesBack to health! Capsule for intimate comfort!300 million CFU of Bifidobacteri..

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Beauty 50 Tablets

Beauty 50 TabletsSaludBox helps you to feel more beautiful.Do you want to minimize the effect of ski..

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Biofar Zinc With Vitamin C 20 Effevescent Tablets

Biofar Zinc 20 Effevescent TabletsFOR YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEMAll year round, your body suffers external i..

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Bioprogramme Tea For Breastfeeding 20 Bags

Bioprogramme Tea For Breastfeeding 20 BagsThe combination of herbs in this breastfeeding tea promote..

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Biozin Mama 30 Tablets

Biozin Mama is a unique nutritional supplement specifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding ..

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Each of us knows that there are gender differences that affect a person's health and life expectancy. In terms of physique and well-developed musculature, men are the stronger sex.

On the other hand, women are often more resilient, while men are more susceptible to many diseases. Evidence shows that female life expectancy is much longer than male life expectancy.

However, it is not always about a person's gender and biological differences.

Often the reason for unlocking health problems turns out to be:

  • family predisposition

  • environment

  • lifestyle

  • stress, etc.


Female and male biology makes it possible to avoid specific health problems, but a lot of diseases affect both men and women in varying degrees and ways.

The reasons for a man or woman to develop a particular disease can be genetic, physiological, and hormonal, or there might be no specific explanation.

Women Health

Although women spend more time on preventive health checkups, they also suffer from various diseases. The main factors for the appearance of women health problems are hormones and anatomy.

Men and women

Image source: Unsplash

The most common diseases in women are:

  • Osteoporosis - it is a bone disease that develops when the structure of bone changes, bone mineral density, or when bone mass decreases. Thus, bones become more susceptible to fractures. Women often develop osteoporosis during menopause, when estrogen levels decrease, leading to loss of bone mass;

  • Stroke - one of the main reasons for the large percentage of women who have strokes is the constant changes in estrogen levels, which causes clots. Pregnancy, taking birth control pills, or hormone replacement therapy can increase the risk of stroke;

  • Breast cancer- the cause of developing breast cancer can be a genetic predisposition, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and sudden change in hormones, especially after menopause.

Other common health concerns in women are:

  • Urinary tract issues

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Migraines

  • Alzheimer's disease

Men Health

The factors influencing men's health are genes, hormones, and anatomy. In addition, their lifestyles have a significant impact on them, as they eat less healthily than women and often neglect their health. Not surprisingly, they experience more trauma and injuries.

Men and women

Image source: Unsplash

The health problems most commonly found in men are:

  • Heart disease - the primary heart disease risk factor is the so-called visceral body fat. Stress and high cholesterol levels can cause cardiovascular disease too.

  • Parkinson's disease - it is a neurological disease that, according to medical studies, affects more men than women. Some researchers believe it is due to estrogen deficiency in men. It is also stated that the disease may have a genetic link to the X-chromosome in men.

Other diseases that are more common in men than in women are:

  • Urinary tract disease

  • High blood pressure

  • Kidney stones

  • Pancreatitis

Besides gender-related health issues, some diseases occur in both men and women. 

These are:

  • Infertility - today, more and more young women and young men are faced with this problem. Poor health habits and stress are the main factors affecting women's and men's fertility. Other causes can be genetic predisposition and hormonal imbalance.

  • Diabetes - it affects men and women equally and is also a risk factor for heart disease in men.

  • Depression - many studies show that not only women but also men suffer from depression. Constant stress, lack of a healthy diet, and lack of enough sleep contribute to these health problems.

Types of treatments

There are various ways to treat and improve men's and women's health. First of all, it is essential to reduce stress as much as possible, get enough sleep, and eat healthy. Regular exercise is also crucial for good health.

In case of any health problem, it is crucial to visit a doctor to diagnose and prescribe treatment. Nowadays, apart from conventional medicine, you can also choose alternative medicine, such as homeopathy.

Best products on the market

You will find various products on the market that care for good men's and women's health. 

You can choose:

  • Nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals

  • Homeopathic remedies to treat various health problems

  • Herbal products for colds, stress, better sleep, and more.

At Care From Nature, you will find various men's and women's health products to improve your health.

We encourage you to consult a doctor before taking any supplements or medications.


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