Ginexid Intimate Foam 150ml

New Ginexid Intimate Foam 150ml

GINEXID intimate foam / 150 ml. Fresh and protected throughout the day.


Over 90 washes. Feel fresh and protected throughout the day.

Ginexid intimate foam is a new generation product developed for the needs of the modern and dynamic woman at any age.

✿ innovative voluminous and dense foam for easy use;

✿ menthol flavor;

✿ instant cooling and refreshing;

✿ pH <4,5, which preserves the microflora and natural acidity;

✿ dermatologically tested;

✿ does not contain dyes, preservatives and surfactants;

✿ over 90 washes;

✿ for women of any age.

Why Ginexid foam is a new standard of care for the intimate health of the woman?

Ginexid intimate foam is available as a spray of the most - a new generation containing specially developed dense foam for maximum and rapid washing effect.

When to use Ginexid intimate foam?

Use Ginexid intimate foam daily.

Why foam?

The innovative voluminous and dense foam Ginexid delivers exceptional ease of use, leading to instant cooling and refreshing. Can be used without skin contact, which eliminates any risk of contamination and compromise the effect. Ginexid active cleaning foam allows easy dispensing and storage unchanged. Suitable for delicate and sensitive skin and mucosa.

What is the content of Ginexid intimate foam?

Ginexid foam contains specially selected active natural extracts plus chlorhexidine and undecylenic acid, which together provide a strong and lasting effect.

How long enough Ginexid intimate foam?

You can make more than 90 washes - one vial is sufficient for at least three months quality care for your daily hygiene.

Intimate foam is a new generation product with significant advantages over intimate showers and gels.

LOOK at the pharmacy!

Let's start the day fresh and meaningful! Ginexid foam is specially designed formula for complete care in everyday intimate hygiene of women. Hello Health!


Ginexid foaming cleanser with 4.5 pH is designed for daily hygiene.


Thanks to its formula without aggressive surfactants, there are gentle cleaning action and is suitable for prolonged use. Hygiene - cosmetic additive that is useful in all cases of increased risk of inflammation (swimming pools, gyms, beaches, wearing artificial or tight clothing, use of tampons and pads, intercourse) during certain periods of a woman's life (pregnancy after birth, menstruation) or in front of and postoperative prophylaxis in gynecological operations.


Water, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, butane, ammonium lauryl sulfate, an aqueous extract of chamomile aqueous extract of Hamamelis, propane, isobutane, lactic acid, sodium carboxymethyl kokopolipropilamin, propyl amide of undecylenic acid and betaine, PEG-12 dimethicone, sodium chloride, perfume , menthol, polikuaternium-44, chlorhexidine digluconate, an oily extract of the leaves of the tea tree, lemon.

instructions for use

Shake well before use and hold the bottle upright while spraying. Clean the external genital mucosa and rinse with water.

Ginexid foam is produced by leading concern for women's health Italian company Farma Derma met in European and world standards of production. The company's goal is to create innovative products for the health and wellbeing of women. The company focuses its research and development strategies on compounds of natural origin, not synthetic molecules.

dermatologically tested

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