GinkoPrim Max 120mg 30+10 Tablets Promo Pack

GinkoPrim Max 120mg 30+10 Tablets Promo Pack

GinkoPrim Max 120mg 30+10 Tablets Promo Pack

Product Description

GinkoPrim Max helps with blood circulation in the area of the brain and extremities, helps brain function – memory and concentration, contributes to the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels and contribues to slowing the aging process.

GinkoPrim Max is a nutritional supplement from Walmark, which contributes to good memory, concentration and normal hydration of the brain and limbs, thanks to its special formula with enhanced action. GinkgoPrim Max eliminates the feeling of cold feet and hands, enhances memory and the ability to concentrate, has a beneficial effect on tinnitus and helps the optimal functioning of the heart, cardiovascular system and nervous system.

GinkgoPrim Max contains a powerful and effective complex of standardized extract of the famous plant Ginkgo Biloba in combination with the important minerals Magnesium and Zinc. The Ginkgo Biloba plant has been known since ancient times for its beneficial effects on the nervous and circulatory systems. Its leaves are a rich source of bioflavonoids, phenolic substances, organic acids and other useful and effective substances that improve memory, mental acuity and concentration, increase blood flow and improve irrigation of the brain and limbs. Ginkgo Biloba also reduces insomnia, helps with physical and mental fatigue, exhaustion and depression. Ginkgo Biloba extract stimulates blood circulation and the metabolism, has a vasodilating effect and helps for a faster recovery from exercise. Ginkgo Biloba extract has strong antioxidant properties, protecting the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. Ginkgo Biloba can also have a beneficial effect on asthma, allergic inflammation, Alzheimer’s, tinnitus, headache and dizziness.

The trace element Magnesium is involved in more than 300 biochemical processes in the human body, and its lack can lead to nervous tension, lack of concentration and increased fatigue. The daily dose of Magnesium contained in GinkgoPrim Max is optimal for maintaining the normal activity of the nervous system, reduces the feelings of fatigue and exhaustion and helps to improve the mental state.

Zinc is involved in almost all metabolic processes in the body. It stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and also contributes to the proper synthesis of DNA. Zinc helps with heart disease, damage to the brain and nervous system, indigestion, ulcers, food allergies, osteoporosis, skin diseases, chronic fatigue, loss of appetite and others. Zinc boosts the immunity and has an antioxidant effect by protecting cells from oxidative stress.

How to use:

Take 1 tablet daily after meals.

In order to achieve the optimal effect, we recommend taking GinkoPrim Max 120mg for 2-3 months.

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