Grintuss syrup for adults 210g

Grintuss syrup for adults 210g

GRINTUSS syrup for adults 210g, cough syrup
• Only natural ingredients are contained in GrinTuss which effectively support the fight against troublesome cough (both wet and dry). It protects and soothes the mucous membrane. It has a high content of honey and plants specially selected by the laboratories Aboca.


Honey, water, hydro-alcoholic extract of leaves of plantain, lyophilized extract of leaves of plantain, lyophilized extract of the tops grindelii, lyophilized extract of the inflorescence Everlasting, essential oils: eucalyptus, anise starry, lemon; natural lemon flavor.


Very effective, innovative product with guaranteed highest quality natural ingredients that support the upper respiratory tract in cases of cough - both wet and dry. A synergy between these components contributes to the effective removal of residual mucus while preventing the occurrence of further irritation. In addition, the preparation is recommended for people who often are in places with polluted air, and for smokers in order to open up the airways. The syrup contains extracts, dissolved in honey, rich in essential oils. The effective action of the syrup is ensured by the presence of a freeze-dried extract of grindelii - plants grown by Aboca, known for its beneficial properties. Grindelia affects the upper respiratory tract by reducing the viscosity of mucus and restoring the correct movements of the ciliated epithelium and bronchial smooth muscle tension. Also promotes the expectorant reflex. The syrup also contains freeze-dried extract of plantain, an acting expectorant, which creates a protective coating on the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat. The efficacy of the product complements the presence of an extract derived from propolis, which does not contain bulking agents and has an antibacterial, antiseptic effect while also promoting the immune system.


1 tablespoon x 2 times a day, or the syrup can be diluted in a small amount of warm liquid (water, milk, tea or herbal tea herbal). For people living in polluted environments and smokers - it is recommended to take 1 tablespoon of syrup in the morning.

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