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Allegra 120mg 10 Tablets

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Allergodil Nasal Spray 10ml

ALLERGODIL NASAL SPRAY 10 MLFor the symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinitisActive ingredient: Aze..

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Allergosan 25 mg 20 tablets

Composition:One coated tablet contains 25 mg chloropyramine hydrochloride.Used for:In the form of ta..

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Allergosan Cream 18g

Allergosan - Anti-Histamine cream - 18 gr. for Allergic Skin-Reactions FREE EUAnti-Histami..

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Allergosan Cream 60g

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Allergosan Ointment 1% 18g

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Clarinase 10 Tablets

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Daosin 10 Tablets

Daosin 10 TabletsDaosin is the world's first drug used for histamine intolerance - food intoler..

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Delmar Isotonic Nasal Spray 50ml

Delmar Isotonic Nasal Spray 50mlDelmar nasal spray is intended for nasal mucous membranes with ..

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Delmar Panthenol Nasal Spray 50ml

Delmar Panthenol Nasal Spray 50mlPanthenol-containing nasal spray promotes the formation of a protec..

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Delmar Sensitive Nasal Spray 50ml

Delmar Sensitive Nasal Spray 50mlAloe Vera nasal spray regenerates nasal mucosa. Regular use helps r..

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Euphorbium Compositum Spray 20ml

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ExAller Spray 75ml

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Fenistil Gel Fast Relief Bites 50g

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Momanos Nasal Spray 50 mcg 60 Doses

Momanos Nasal Spray is indicated for the treatment of conditions including allergic rhinitis.About M..

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If you sneeze often, have throat irritation or complain of a rainy nose, you probably have an allergy. It is a health condition that causes discomfort and affects your everyday life. Fortunately, various allergy relief products will relieve symptoms and help control your allergies.


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What is an allergy?

Allergy is a protective reaction of the human organism, which is provoked by increased sensitivity to substances that are harmless to us. When this occurs, the body's immune system reacts.

The basis of allergies is immunoglobulin E (IgE). Allergic reactions are caused when histamines are released when IgE interacts with antigens.

Symptoms of allergies range from mild to very severe, the most severe of which causes anaphylactic shock. That condition is characterized by difficulty breathing and low blood pressure.

Allergies can be divided into several types:

  • Skin allergies - one such allergy is atopic dermatitis, which is constitutional eczema. It is most common in infants under a few months. Another skin allergy is allergic contact dermatitis, which is a reaction to contact with certain chemicals. Symptoms are the appearance of erythema, blistering and scaling.

  • Food allergies - most often, the allergy is caused by cow's milk, fruits, vegetables, nuts, gluten, honey and others. The common symptoms of food allergy are itchy lips and mouth, rash and skin irritations, gastrointestinal discomfort and respiratory problems.

  • Allergies of the respiratory system - include allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, bronchial asthma and cough. This type of allergy is typically triggered by inhalant allergens such as house dust mites, pollen, animal epithelium, etc.

  • Drug allergies - certain active ingredients in medications cause an allergic reaction. The allergy affects various organs.

The most common allergy symptoms are as follows:

  • Runny nose

  • Coughing and breathlessness

  • Swollen eyes, lips, mouth, and throat

  • Diarrhoea

  • Skin problems, etc.

Allergy products - essence and types

The primary function of allergy products is to block the action of histamine in the body, preventing it from binding to receptors in blood vessels. There are different groups of anti-allergy medications, the most common being antihistamines

It is essential to know that some medicines have sedative effects such as drowsiness, slowing reactions, and lack of concentration and attention.

Another type of allergy product is based on corticosteroids. They have the same action as antihistamines. However, keep in mind that this type of anti-allergy medicine should be taken for a short period as it has serious side effects.

However, patch testing is one way to find out if you have an allergy to a particular substance. Blood tests are usually prescribed to check if you have a food intolerance.

Depending on your allergy, you should avoid the particular substance that triggers the allergy. For example, if you have sensitive skin, avoiding cosmetics with fragrance allergens and carcinogenic ingredients is recommended. Always choose proven allergy control products that are fragrance-free and have safe ingredients.

As for food, you should always read the product label and avoid foods with allergens. No matter if you don't have any symptoms or take an allergy product, your immune system will always react to an allergic reaction. 

Price range

Prices for allergy products vary. A lot depends on the type of medication, its manufacturer and its composition. The Care From Nature online store has a wide selection of allergy products that aim to relieve allergy symptoms and block histamine production in the body.

You can order easily online and get a -10% discount on your first order as a newly registered user.


What brands of allergy products do you offer?

There are various brands that offer allergy products such as:

  • Sanofi-Aventis

  • Meda Pharma GmbH

  • SoPharma

  • Bayer

  • Stada

  • Heel

  • Ewopharma

  • Sandoz OTC, etc.

What type of allergy produtcts do you offer?

We offer allergy products in the form of tablets and sprays that act as allergy blockers.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide with DHL, including in the USA, Europe, and Canada.

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We ship all products internationally, including the USA, Canada, and Europe.

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