Diabetes Care

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Accu Chek Active 50 Test Strips

Accu-Chek Active 50 Test StripsAccu-Chek Active test strips are designed for easy handling and allow..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Accu Chek Active Glucometer

Accu-Chek Active GlucometerProduct descriptionThe Accu Chek Active Meter is used to measure glu..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Accu Chek Instant 50 Test Strips

Acuu-Check Instant*50 Test StripsCategory: MedicineAccu-Chek Instant test strips help make testing e..

£24.89 Ex Tax: £24.89

Accu Chek Instant Meter

Accu-Chek Instant MeterThe Accu-Chek Instant meter makes testing easy and understanding your results..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Accu Chek Performa 50 Test Strips

Accu-Chek Performa 50 Test StripsItem DescriptionAccu-Chek Performa test strips make every strip cou..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Aloe Vera 50 Capsules

Aloe VeraActs favorably on the antioxidant functions of the organism Promotes blood circulation..

£16.49 Ex Tax: £16.49

Biofar Chrome Complex 20 Effervescent Tablets

Biofar Chrome Complex 20 Effervescent TabletsFOR YOUR CARBOHYDRATE METABOLISMOur body constantly mon..

£5.69 Ex Tax: £5.69

Contour Plus Blood Glucose 50 Test Strips

Contour Plus Blood Glucose 50 Test StripsDescription:Helps to monitor the blood glucose levelsNo cod..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Dark Chocolate Diet 277 80g

Dark Chocolate Diet 277 80gSugar-free dark chocolateDescription:Sugar-free dark chocolate suitable f..

£3.89 Ex Tax: £3.89

Diabecon Himalaya 30 Tablets

Diabecon Himalaya, 30 Tablets Combats diabetes: The natural ingredients in Diabecon increase in..

£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.99

DiabeFor Gluco 60 Tablets

DiabeFor Gluco 60 tabletsDiabeFor Gluco contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels,..

£19.59 Ex Tax: £19.59

DiabeFor Protect 60 Tablets

DiabeFor Protect 60 TabletsDiabeFor Protect has a beneficial effect on complications associated with..

£19.59 Ex Tax: £19.59

Diabekan 200mg 30 Capsules

Diabekan 200mg 30 CapsulesDiabekan is a specially formulated diabetic combination containing Cinnamo..

£14.39 Ex Tax: £14.39

Diabekan 200mg 60 + 20 Capsules Promo Pack

Diabekan 200mg 60 + 20 Capsules Promo PackDiabekan is a specially formulated diabetic combinati..

£27.99 Ex Tax: £27.99

Diabetic Dessert Sinemorets 10x25gr

Diabetic Dessert Sinemorets 10x25grDescription:Ingredients: Sweetener - fructose, vegetable (hydroge..

£7.99 Ex Tax: £7.99

Diabetes Care