Digestion & Stomach

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Itesta 60 Capsules

Itesta 60 CapsulesGastrointestinal, sodium butyrate, triglyceridesIntesta is a dietary food for spec..

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Kreon 10000 UI 20 Capsules

Kreon 10000 UI 20 CapsulesKreon 10000 (Pancreatin) is used to help with the food digestive proc..

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Lactoflor Bio Plus 20 chewable tablets

Lactoflor BioPlus 20 chewable tabletsBest local dental hygieneEach tablet contains:Prebiotic (inulin..

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Lactoflor Bio Plus 60 Capsules

Lactoflor BioPlusPromotes the recovery of the intestinal microbial flora disturbed by intestinal inf..

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Lactoflor Enteric Ecol 10 Capsules

Lactoflor Enteric Ecol 10 CapsulesEnteric Ecol helps to control acute diarrhea and colitis in adults..

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Lactoflor Opti 6 30 Capsules

Lactoflor Opti6Synbiotic / probiotic + prebiotic /.In the form of capsules resistant to gastric acid..

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Lactoflor Probiotic 90 Capsules

Lactoflor ProbioticLactoflor – Probiotic is the Number 1 in Bulgaria!Restores the stomach and intest..

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Lactulose Mip Syrup 200ml

MIP lactulose syrup 200ml, hepatic encephalopathy• Lactulose is used as a medicament constipati..

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Lactulose MIP Syrup 500ml

Lactulose MIP Syrup 500ml• Lactulose is used as a medicament against constipation and as a laxa..

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Laxal 30 Capsules

Laxal 30 Capsules Natural Laxative for Regular bowel movement Max Strength ConstipationSuitable for ..

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Laxatinil Fruct Marmalade With Laxative Effect 200g

Laxatinil Fruct Marmalade*200 gCategory: Laxative remedyThis product is a laxative. Always cons..

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Laxative Chocolate Comfort 20g

Laxative Chocolate Comfort 20gChocolate Comfort is a dessert bar with a laxative effect. It is inten..

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Laxative Chocolate For Diabetics Comfort 20g

Laxative Chocolate For Diabetics Comfort 20gChocolate with a laxative effect without sugar. Suitable..

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Laxena 20 Capsules

Laxena 20 CapsulesDescription:Composition of one capsule:Frangula dry bark extract – 100mgTerminalia..

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Le Dieci Erbe 100 Tablets

LE DIECI ERBE 100 TAB.Le Dieci ERBE 100 tablets - a 100% natural dietary supplement, based..

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Digestion & Stomach

Digestion and Stomach Health – Nourishing Your Core Well-being

Embark on a journey of understanding as we delve into the intricacies of our digestive system, a vital yet complex mechanism responsible for processing food and distributing nutrients throughout our body.

The Digestive Tract and Its Components:

Comprising the esophagus, liver, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, gallbladder, and pancreas, the gastrointestinal tract orchestrates a symphony of functions crucial for our overall well-being.

Factors Impacting Digestive Health:

Regrettably, various factors can jeopardize the integrity of our digestive tract, with an unhealthy diet, medication use, and certain diseases standing out as common culprits. Notably, digestive issues tend to increase with age.

Navigating Digestive Disorders:

Millions worldwide grapple with digestive disorders, ranging from mild to severe. Vigilance is key, as neglecting stomach problems may lead to complications and serious diseases. Common digestive disorders include irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, colon cancer, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease, hiatal hernia, lactose intolerance, and hemorrhoids.

Recognizing Symptoms:

Digestive diseases manifest through a spectrum of symptoms, including heartburn, abdominal pain, bloating, chronic constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and bleeding. The intensity of these symptoms correlates with the stage of the digestive disease. If any of these symptoms arise, seeking medical attention is crucial. Diagnosis often involves detailed case histories, physical examinations, blood tests, endoscopic procedures, imaging tests, and more.

Navigating Treatment:

Crucially, refrain from self-medication without professional consultation. Upon diagnosis, medical specialists prescribe tailored treatments, often involving dietary adjustments and medications to alleviate symptoms and manage health problems effectively.

Holistic Approaches:

Complementing conventional treatments, homeopathy is sometimes employed for common digestive disorders or to alleviate chronic symptoms. Strict adherence to your doctor's recommendations ensures optimal treatment outcomes.