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Heart & Circulation - Page 5

Heart & Circulation

Your heart is your body's engine! Take care of it with our range of products designed to promote cardiovascular health.

Find solutions for:

  • Heart Health: Low-dose aspirin, vitamins, and supplements to keep your heart strong.
  • Blood Pressure Control: Blood pressure monitors to track your heart health at home.
  • Circulation Support: Products to help maintain healthy circulation
Brand: Zechstein Original Model: Selenium-Drops-10ml
Biominerali Selenium Concentrate Drops - Optimal Antioxidant ProtectionBiominerali Selenium Concentr..
Ex Tax:£7.49
Brand: Unicoms Model: Sendo-Advance-2-Blood-Pressure-Monitor
Product descriptionSendo Advance 2 is for exact blood pressure monitoring through easy, fast and acc..
Ex Tax:£108.89
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Brand: Unicoms Model: Sendo-Advance-3-Digital-Blood-Pressure-Monitor
Product descriptionSendo Advance 3 is our premium digital blood pressure monitor featuring cutting-e..
Ex Tax:£118.89
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Brand: Capeypharma Model: Surgispon-Sterile-Absorbable-Gelatine-Sponge-80-50-10mm-2
Surgispon Standard Hemostatic Sponge is a sterile, absorbable gelatin sponge designed to manage blee..
Ex Tax:£10.49
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Brand: Naturpharma Model: Tensiofytol-56-Capsules
Discover the power of Tensiofytol capsules, a natural solution for managing high blood pressure and ..
Ex Tax:£25.39
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Brand: Gerot Model: Trombo-ASS-100mg-30-Tablets
Thrombo ASS is a trusted heart medication that effectively reduces the risk of heart attacks and str..
Ex Tax:£4.39
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Troxerutin ABR Gel (20mg/g) 40g: Soothe Discomfort & Improve Leg Circulation
Currently Unavailable
Brand: Antibiotic (ABR) Model: Troxerutin ABR Gel
Troxerutin ABR Gel: Targeted Relief for Leg Pain and Swelling Caused by Venous Insufficiency Trox..
Ex Tax:£6.49
Brand: Teva Model: Troxevasin-300 mg-x-50-capsules
Struggling with varicose veins, swollen legs, or hemorrhoids? Troxevasin 300mg capsules, formulated ..
Ex Tax:£13.99
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Brand: Teva Model: Troxevasin-Duo-Gel-45g
Troxevasin Duo Gel offers a combined approach to symptomatic relief, harnessing the power of indomet..
Ex Tax:£9.89
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Brand: Teva Model: Troxevasin-Gel
Experiencing leg pain, swelling, or discomfort from varicose veins, travel, or injuries? Troxevasin ..
Ex Tax:£7.69
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Brand: Innotech Model: Tubulcus-Sock-S-Compression-Pair
What is Tubulcus®?Tubulcus® is a unique medical device that helps treat venous leg ulcers. It works ..
Ex Tax:£79.89