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PPE & Sundries

PPE & Sundries

Stay Prepared with PPE & Sundries

This section offers a comprehensive selection of essential items to safeguard your well-being and cater to everyday needs.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Find a variety of PPE products to protect yourself and others, including masks, gloves, and safety glasses.
Mosquito Repellents: Keep pesky insects at bay with effective mosquito repellents for both indoor and outdoor use.
Bandages and Cotton: Stock up on essential first-aid supplies like bandages and cotton for minor cuts, scrapes, and wound care.
Daily Sundries: Explore a range of additional sundries, including hygiene products, basic medical supplies, and other everyday essentials.

Brand: Gal Model: Arcol-Silver-Water-Solution-100ml
Fight Infections Naturally with Arcol Silver Water Looking for a natural way to defend against in..
Ex Tax:£8.89
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Brand: Hartmann Model: Atrauman Silver Wound Dressing
Promote Faster Wound Recovery with Atrauman Silver Dressings!Atrauman Silver Dressings are sterile, ..
Ex Tax:£7.59
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Brand: Johnson Wax Model: Autan-Botanicals-Lotion-100ml
Autan Botanicals Mosquito Repellent Lotion offers effective and gentle protection for the whole fami..
Ex Tax:£14.89
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Brand: Johnson Wax Model: Autan-family-care-repellent-lotion-100ml
Keep the Family Protected with Autan Family Care Lotion! Autan Family Care Lotion provides a safe..
Ex Tax:£11.39
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Brand: Johnson Wax Model: Autan-Junior-Lotion-100ml
Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Little Adventurers with Autan Junior! Autan Junior Mosquito Repell..
Ex Tax:£12.69
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Brand: Johnson Wax Model: Autan-Protection-Plus-Lotion
Enjoy Extended Outdoor Protection with Autan Protection Plus Lotion! Autan Protection Plus Lotion..
Ex Tax:£13.69
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Brand: Johnson Wax Model: Autan-Tropical-Lotion-100ml
Autan Tropical Mosquito Repellent Lotion provides robust protection against common and tropical mosq..
Ex Tax:£14.39
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Brand: Smith & Nephew Model: Bactigras-Tulle-dressing-10/10-x-10
Despite its compact size, the BACTIGRAS Tulle Dressing 10/10 x 10 packs a powerful punch in wound ca..
Ex Tax:£12.59
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Brand: Smith & Nephew Model: Bactigras-Tulle-dressing-15/20-x-10
Bactigras Tulle Dressing 15/20 is a sterile, non-adherent, impregnated tulle dressing that provides ..
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Brand: Smith & Nephew Model: Bactigras-Tulle-dressing-5/5-x-10
For those delicate and hard-to-reach wounds, the BACTIGRAS Tulle Dressing 5/5 x 10 is your perfect f..
Ex Tax:£6.19
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Brand: Lavena Model: Bochko After Sun Milk 150 ml
Rejuvenate your sun-exposed skin with Bochko After Sun Milk, a luxurious formula packed with nourish..
Ex Tax:£5.93
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