Hexalens Soft Clear Solution 250ml

Hexalens Soft Clear Solution 250ml

Hexalens Soft Clear Solution 250ml

Indications: Combined solution for cleaning, disinfecting, storing and rinsing of contact lenses.

A unique multi-combination of active ingredients that has a safe disinfectant effect, combined with a washing and cleaning action. The moisturizing effect of the solution creates a feeling of comfort while wearing soft contact lenses.

Intended use: Suitable for all types of soft contact lenses.

Ingredients: Sterile isotonic buffered solution containing boric acid, sodium borate, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, disodium salt of EDTA, non-ionic surfactant and polyhexamethylene biguanide 0.0001 %.

How to use: Contact lenses are stored in a container with 2-3 ml of the solution. Before putting contact lenses in your eyes wash the lenses with 2-3 ml of the solutiuon "Hexalens".

Periodically (every two or three days) apply 1-2 drops of the solution on the lenses and gently clean for 30 seconds. Wash with the solution and return in the storage container.

Packaging: 250 ml and 100 ml

Shelf life: 36 months

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