Hyabak 0.15% Eye Drops 5 ml

Hyabak 0.15% Eye Drops 5 ml

Hyabak 0.15% Eye Drops

These moisturising and lubricating eye drops for sensitive eyes provide immediate comfort that lasts all day.

Hyabak eye drops contain the active ingredient sodium hyaluronate and are free from preservatives.

Direction for use: 1 drop in each eye during the day as often as necessary.

In contact lens-wearers: a drop on each lens when putting on and when removing them, and also as often as necessary throughout the day.

Some precautions are essential to ensure effective use of the product:

- Wash hands thoroughly before applying.

- Avoid contact between the tip of the bottle and the eyes or eyelids.

Instill one drop of HYABAK in the conjunctival sac, while gently and lightly pulling the lower lid down and looking up. The time to release a drop is longer than with a traditional bottle. Close the bottle after every use. When putting on contact lenses: instill a drop of HYABAK in the lens concavity.

Precaution: Do not keep a bottle for more than 3 months after its initial opening.

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