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Ialoclean Nasal Spray: Soothe & Protect Your Dry, Irritated Nose (30ml)

Ialoclean Nasal Spray: Soothe & Protect Your Dry, Irritated Nose (30ml)
Ialoclean Nasal Spray: Soothe & Protect Your Dry, Irritated Nose (30ml)
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Experience relief from dry, irritated nasal passages with Ialoclean Nasal Spray!

Moisturizing & Protective:

Ialoclean Nasal Spray utilizes hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that attracts and retains moisture, to:

  • Soothe Dryness: Effectively hydrates irritated nasal membranes, providing relief from dryness and discomfort.
  • Create a Protective Barrier: Forms a film over the nasal lining to shield against allergens, pollutants, and irritants.
  • Promote Healing: Moisturizes and protects the nasal mucosa, aiding the healing process after inflammation or surgery.

Gentle Relief for Various Conditions:

Ialoclean Nasal Spray is suitable for a variety of nasal discomforts, including:

  • Dryness and Irritation: Provides relief from dryness caused by allergies, dust, low humidity, or climate.
  • Colds and Flu: Soothes nasal congestion and irritation associated with colds and flu.
  • Post-Operative Care: Moisturizes and protects the nasal lining after nasal surgery.
  • Sinusitis and Nasopharyngitis: Offers relief from discomfort caused by sinus and nasopharyngeal inflammation.

Long-Lasting & Convenient:

  • Long-Term Use: Safe for prolonged use without the risk of dependency or drowsiness.
  • Gentle Formula: Free from harsh chemicals and suitable for children over 2 years old (always consult a doctor before use in children).
  • Convenient Spray: Easy-to-use spray bottle for mess-free application.

How It Works:

Hyaluronic acid in Ialoclean Nasal Spray binds to water molecules, creating a lubricating and protective film on the nasal mucosa. This film:

  • Attracts and retains moisture, preventing dryness.
  • Acts as a barrier against irritants and allergens.
  • Promotes a healthy and comfortable nasal environment.


  • Adults: 2 sprays in each nostril, 3-4 times daily.
  • Children over 2 years: 1 spray in each nostril, 3-4 times daily.

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