Isla Junior 20 Lozenges

Isla Junior 20 Lozenges

Isla junior

Relief from throat irritation and sore throats

Plant-based active ingredient Iceland moss

Sugar-free, with no artificial colours or preservatives

Yummy strawberry flavour that kids will love

Suitable for children from 4 years and up

Isla junior throat lozenges have been developed in conjunction with pharmacists, paediatricians and mothers to treat typical cough and cold symptoms, such as sore throats, difficulty swallowing and throat irritation in children 4 years and up. isla® junior contains a plant-based active ingredient, Iceland moss, which acts as a balsam on the oral and pharyngeal mucous membranes.  This protective film soothes and moisturises the dry mucous membranes and guards against further irritation. In this way, sore throats and throat irritation are effectively soothed and the dry, irritated mucous membranes can regenerate.  

While adults ‘only’ catch a cold once or twice a year, children can be afflicted up to 5 times more often. Most of the time, colds begin with typical sore throat symptoms. This is also the case with children – however, here the symptoms are known as “silent symptoms”, since children are not able to perceive and clearly describe the pain as a singular symptom. For this reason, sore throats often go undiscovered and untreated in children. However, there are certain signs that could point to a sore throat in your child, for example:

Loss of appetite

Fitful sleep

Grumpy behaviour

Fast, effective treatment suitable for children is important due to the unpleasant symptoms. This is where isla® junior helps – with its plant-based active ingredient Iceland moss and additional vitamin C, zinc and calcium pantothenate.

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