Jojoba oil 30 ml

Jojoba oil 30 ml

Jojoba oil is unique in the entire plant world, in fact it is a liquid wax. Practically, it does not go rancid. It is absorbed well in all skin types, including oily skin. Applied to the skin, jojoba oil creates a thin, invisible to the eye, resistant and elastic layer that nourishes it and protects against adverse environmental impacts without interfering with normal, vital processes. It does not cause any irritation and allergic reactions, so it is often used for cleansing emulsions, especially around the eyes, and added to ready cosmetics significantly extends their expiring period. This oil makes cracked and sore lips soft, juicy and tender. It gives shine, volume and flexibility to hair – that’s why it is often used in products for hair care. Several drops of the oil on the comb while combing the wet hair prevent hair tangling, have antistatic effect and help hair styling.

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