Ka-Vit Vitamin K1 20mg/ml 5ml

2-3 Days Ka-Vit Vitamin K1 20mg/ml 5ml

Ka-Vit 20mg / ml x 5ml

Ka-Vit drops are used to treat and prevent disease conditions associated with a deficiency of vitamin K1 that cannot be supplied through food.

-Prevention in newborns immediately after birth;

-Prevention in pre-natal pregnant women who have used certain medicines;

-Prevention in at-risk patients with prothrombin time below normal;

-In cases of a clotting disorder and bleeding tendencies caused by a vitamin K1 deficiency;

-Menopausal women;

-Treatment of patients with haemorrhages such as haematoma, melanoma, etc.

Appropriate for:

Adults, children, newborns

Active substance:

Phytomenadione (Vitamin K1) 20mg in 1ml (20 drops)


1-5 mg daily, during meals, for 10 days.

Use of the product at higher doses and / or for a longer period of time may be carried out after consultation with a physician.

Eating it with fat-rich foods improves its absorption.

For prophylaxis: In infants, it is recommended that 2 mg phytomenadione (2 drops KA-VIT®) is given orally once daily, respectively. On the first day after birth, one day between the third and the tenth day after birth, and one day between the fourth and sixth weeks after birth.

Pregnant women using anticonvulsants or antituberculosis agents are advised to take orally 10-20 mg phytomenadione (10-20 drops KA-VIT®) once within the last 48 to 8 hours before delivery.

For treatment: In patients with bleeding tendencies caused by a vitamin K1 deficiency, KA-VIT drops should be dosed according to the desired effect:

To prevent minor bleeding, 1 to 5 mg of phytomenadion (1 to 5 drops of KA-VIT® drops) is usually sufficient, regardless of the patient's age.

In patients with haemorrhages caused by vitamin K1 deficiency due to coumarin derivatives overdose, practice has shown that small haemorrhages cease upon discontinuation of anticoagulant administration.

For moderate bleeding, it is recommended to take 5-10 mg phytomenadione (5 to 10 drops KA-VIT, respectively).


The medicinal product should not be taken if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to the active substance or to any of the other ingredients of the product.

Anti-seizure medications (anticonvulsants such as phenobarbital and phenytoin), as well as antituberculosis medications (such as isoniazid and rifampicin) can cause newborns whose mothers were treated with them during pregnancy to experience dangerous bleeding on the first day after birth.

CA-VIT® drops neutralize the action of oral anticoagulants.

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