Krauterhof Snail Extract Gel 100ml

Krauterhof Snail Extract Gel 100ml

KRAUTERHOF Snail Extract Gel 3.38fl.oz Tube with a High Proportion of Poly Helixan Approx. 5%

The active ingredient Poly-Helixan is a rich complex for skin regeneration. It is rich in calcium carbonate.

Vitamins A, C and E: stimulation of collagen synthesis and skin regeneration

Mucopolysaccharide: moisturising effect; protects the skin from external stress

Composition of Poly-Helixan and Allantoin: stimulates skin regeneration and has regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects

Proteolytic enzymes: support the protease/anti-protease balance of collagen and elastine: components of the connective tissue

Proteins: skin nutrition, skin smoothing and improvement of  the skin texture

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