Leuzea Plus Drops 10ml

Leuzea Plus Drops 10ml

Leuzea Plus Drops contains standardized extracts of one of the most famous stimulating plants Leuzea carthamoides (Maral root, Levzea safflower).

Leuzea Plus is a rare endemic plant that grows in the highlands of Eastern Siberia, Altai, Mongolia and China.

During its long evolution, under the influence of high-altitude, extreme environmental conditions, the plant has acquired a special form of metabolism in which phytoecdysons or so-called ecdysterones are synthesized. / These phyto-steroid compounds control the viability of the body at the cellular level, harmonizing the work of the nervous, hormonal, cardiovascular and digestive systems, promotes the metabolism, immunity and reproduction.

Leuzea Plus is known in ancient Eastern medicine by the names Low Lou and Low Kao. Its use continues in Chinese, Tibetan and Mongolian medicine to this day. There are scientific hypotheses that the dust from the roots of Leuzea Plus is the basis of the phenomenal endurance of the army of the Mongol Genghis Khan.

It has been popular as a universal stimulant since before our era. Leuzea increases the capacity to work, helps to adapt to the environment, to overcome heavy physical and mental stress, bordering on the capabilities of the human body. The herb is one of the few from which the phyto-steroid compound ecdysterone is extracted.

Leuzea Plus has a pronounced anabolic activity, which helps increase muscle mass / this effect is obtained only during active sports and exercise / and thus differs from other adaptogens.

This is especially important for athletes and people occupied with heavy physical labor. Prolonged use improves the condition of the liver, blood composition and hemoglobin content. Sexual activity in men is greatly increased. This is related both to the stimulating action of the nerve centers and to the enhancement of the general anabolism. In sports practice it is used as a non-doping anabolic agent.

Leuzea Plus is recommended for:

• stimulation of the immune system;

• increased physical strength and endurance;

• recovery of the body after severe illness and during intense physical activity and sports;

• increased in hemoglobin in anemia;

• weight correction (burns excess fat, stimulates protein synthesis in muscle fibers, liver and kidneys);

• increased sexual activity and sexual desire;

• reduction of stress, depression, phobias and fear;

• improving the work of the heart, blood vessels and blood circulation;

• oxidation of free radicals as a powerful antioxidant;

• protects the liver when using alcohol.

Leuzea Plus is non-toxic, non-doping and has no side effects.

Leuzea Plus Ingredients: Each dose of 10 drops contains 35 mg of standardized Leuzea extract. Plus 15 mg of 20-hydroxy ecdysterone.

Dosage and method of use:

In normal life , 10 drops daily, in the morning or before noon with water. / People for whom the above dose has an excessive effect, can take 3-5 drops. /

In case of need for fast recovery and in case of a very exhausted organism - up to 20 drops a day, in two doses in the morning and before noon;

For heavy physical work and for active athletes - 20 to 40 drops a day are recommended. Taking them takes place in the morning, before and during training and work. / To enhance the effect of the preparation in athletes, it is good to combine it with vitamin B6 and B12 /;

For people who have a non-standard lifestyle / sleep during the day and wake up at night / it is recommended to take it before waking up. / In case of chronic fatigue and prolonged lack of sleep, taking Levzea Plus may not cause the expected alertness when waking up. This is due to the adaptogenic action of the plant, which regulates the normal rhythm of life - waking during the day and sleeping at night.

The maximum duration of treatment with the product is up to 2-3 months, after which you should rest for at least one month before the next course. The effect is felt after 7-10 days of intake, with the accumulation of the required amount in the body.

The product is not a medicine!

Do not exceed the recommended dose!

It is not a substitute for a varied diet!

Keep out of reach of children!

Not recommended for pregnant women and children under 14 years of age.

In case of high blood pressure, take it after consulting a doctor.

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