Linex Complex 14 Capsules

Linex Complex 14 Capsules

Linex Complex 14 Capsules

LINEX Complex contains live lyophilized probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG - the most studied strain that maintains the balance of intestinal microflora in adults and children. In addition, the product includes carefully selected vitamins B1 [thiamine], B2 [riboflavin] and B6 [pyridoxine] and zinc, which have a beneficial effect on the overall health.

Lactic acid bacteria / Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG

These bacteria are naturally present in the thick and small intestine. They are called intestinal microflora. They maintain the structure of the intestinal cells and the normal alkaline-acid balance for proper digestive enzyme activity. Prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria, favorably affect intestinal peristalsis and enhance immunity. The balance of the intestinal microflora can be disturbed by many factors, including:

-antibiotic intake;

-viral and bacterial infections (eg when traveling abroad);

-unbalanced eating and high levels of stress.

The imbalance of the microflora is associated with gastrointestinal disorders such as various types of ailments, swelling, gas, diarrhea, weakened immune system and others.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG contributes to maintaining the physiological balance of the intestinal microflora. The large number of scientific articles and clinical studies have shown that this probiotic strain can favorably affect the digestive tract. It also maintains the normal functioning of the immune system. At the same time, it has proven safety and tolerance.

Complex of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and zinc.

Vitamins and minerals are important to the well-being and normal functioning of the body. Their deficiency and inadequate fluid intake, along with high levels of stress, lead to lack of energy and weakening of the immunity.

The special complex of vitamins and minerals in LINEX Complex contributes to:

-normal functioning of the immune system (B6, Zn);

-proper metabolism and energy production (B1, B2, B6);

-reducing fatigue (B2, B6);

-optimal protein synthesis (Zn);

-protecting cells from oxidative stress (B2, Zn);

-maintaining good mental health (B1, B6).


Contents 1 capsule 2 capsules

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG * 10 billion useful bacteria 20 billion useful bacteria

Thiamine (vitamin B1) 0.4 mg 36% 0.8 mg 73%

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 0.5 mg 36% 1.0 mg 71%

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) 0.4 mg 29% 0.8 mg 57%

Zinc (mineral) 3.0 mg 30% 6.0 mg 60%

One capsule contains no less than 1 x 1010 live unit-forming colonies (CFU) of Lactobacillus rhamnoeus GG (ATCC 53103).

** PDP - Recommended daily intake.

Excipients: maltodextrin (corn); capsule (hypromellose), polysaccharides (gelatin gum), colorant: titanium dioxide.

Does not contain: lactose and gluten.

Directions for use:

Adults and children over 6 years of age: Take 1-2 capsules daily.

To prevent the destruction of beneficial bacteria, you should not take the capsules with hot drinks or alcohol. If you use antibiotics, the recommended interval between them and Linex Complex is at least 3 hours.


Do not use this product if you have a chronic bowel disease, an immune deficiency condition or are allergic to some of the ingredients. The nutritional supplement does not replace a balanced and varied diet.

Do not overdose.

There is no limit to the duration of intake.

LINEX Complex is not a substitute for rehydration therapy. For dehydration, it is recommended to take enough fluids in the first place.

Storage: Keep out of reach of children at temperatures below 25 ° C in the original package.

Packing: 14 capsules.

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