Lotosonic 20 Tablets For Stress, Panic Attacks And insomnia

Lotosonic 20 Tablets For Stress, Panic Attacks And insomnia

Lotosonic 20 tablets for stress, panic attacks, insomnia


Lotosonic is a combination plant product with favourable effect on increased nervous excitation accompanied by irritability, restlessness and anxiety. It decreases psychological tension caused by emotional or physical traumas in a state of constant psychological tension and overtiredness, the so called Manager Syndrome, normalises sleep and improves brain activity.

Active ingredients:

Dioscorea persimilis root extract: 183,0 mg,

Nelumbo nicifera (Lotus) seed extract: 175,0 mg,

Biota orientalis (Тhuja) seed extract: 91,25 mg,

екстракт от семена на Ziziphus jujube (Chinese date) seed extract: 91,25 mg,

Morus alba (White Mulberry) leaf extract: 91,25 mg,

Erythrina variegata leaf extract: 91,25 mg,

Euhoria longana (Dragon Eye) fruit scales extract: 91,25 mg,

Nelumbo nicifera (Lotus) germ extract: 15,0 mg.


Adults: 1 tablet twice a day

For sleep disorders: 2 tablets before going to sleep

Maximum daily dose of 2 tablets

Recommended use period is 30 days

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