Magnesium massage gel 100ml

Magnesium massage gel 100ml

Magnesium massage gel 100ml
Magnesium massage gel Zechstein Original 100ml

Magnesium is an ultra-clear gel, a highly concentrated form of magnesium chloride (MgCl2). Magnesium, at - its pure form is extracted from the bottom of the ancient and long gone by the name Zechstein Sea in Northern Europe. The unique formula of magnesium gel Zechstein combines all the benefits of magnesium chloride has a powerful healing and nourishing the skin effect, relaxes muscles, increases cellular energy and maintain life processes throughout the body.

Magnesium gel is the best gel for topical application and transdermal therapy with magnesium.

Magnesium gel is not only an effective means of increasing the magnesium levels in the body, but is particularly useful for the treatment of skin diseases (eg. Psoriasis)

Ingredients: Pure water, magnesium chloride and trace elements originating from the bottom of the ancient Zechstein Sea.

Directions: Apply on the skin. In the case of damaged skin, the gel may cause stinging or burning. For maximum effect, we recommend you stand on the skin as long as possible before washing or rinsing.

Note: For people with sensitive skin is recommended to test for tolerance to inflict a small amount of gel on the less sensitive area such as the back of the hand before use in other parts of the body.
Zechstein Inside ® products - the purest natural magnesium chloride in the world

250 million years ago, the oceans were subject to considerable evaporation. The remains of this evaporation crystallize "Zechstein sea", incorporating different kinds of mineral salts that are found only in the depths of Northern Europe. Most - pure natural deposits of magnesium chloride in the world located at a depth of more than 1,500 meters beneath Veendam in the Netherlands and is 250 million years old.

Brand quality products Zechstein Inside ® ensure the highest quality.

Since the magnesium chloride is a natural part of the marine water and can easily be derived from it (a popular source is the Dead Sea), it may be cheap, but you should always check the level of pollution. Dead Sea, or any other, is no longer clean. Heavy metals (eg mercury), plastics, waste water and acid rain are just a few examples of these pollutants. Although these products have been subjected to purification and filtration before they get to you, they simply can not achieve the original purity and energy value that has magnesium chloride Zechstein. Magnesium salt Zechstein, which is at 250 million years to a depth of 1500 m. In the earth's crust contains no heavy metals, it is not affected by pollutants from human activities and atmospheric pollution.

It really is the highest quality magnesium chloride that exists on our planet today.
Zechstein Inside ® is a guarantee of origin from the purest source at Veendam by means of a scientifically established procedures.

Zechstein Original® offers the cleanest, most intact and uncontaminated magnesium chloride.
Zechstein represents the best quality magnesium chloride - 31.7% solution, derived directly
the natural source in the Netherlands. Reg 92HD-568 / 28.05.2010
Zechstein Inside® is very strict control of the quality of the goods that are certified
by international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Each batch is tested in the laboratory
and carries an individual certificate of purity. Zechstein Original® offers the best of medical
and cosmetic market.
ZECHSTEIN ORIGINAL magnesium oil is recommended for:
Chronic fatigue, weakened immune system, muscle weakness, kidney stones, osteoporosis, tooth decay, problems with blood pressure, stroke, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, apathy, depression, nervousness, memory loss, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, muscle cramps, eczema, psoriasis, warts, chicken thorn, varicose veins, sports injuries.

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