Maternea Warming Anti Cellulite Cream Gel 150ml

Maternea Warming Anti Cellulite Cream Gel 150ml

Maternea Warming Heat anti-cellulite cream gel with caffeine, vitamin E 150ml.

After birth, pregnancy leaves its traces.

The figure changes and extra pounds appear.

Hormonal changes disappear after a certain period, but quite often fat deposits remain.

After the birth, the skin has not yet recovered its healthy appearance, and it may be very important to have the foreign intervention of a suitable cosmetic product.

Here comes the warm-up anti-cellulite cream gel of " Maternea ". It has a special formula rich in valuable ingredients that act actively against cellulite and unpleasant fat deposits.

Two active complexes of Guaraslim and Slimastevia are used to help burn fat.

Using caffeineit balances the process of fat cell accumulation.

The combination of valuable natural oils nourishes the skin and maintains its elasticity.

The consistency of the product is in the form of a cream gel, which provides a warming effect on the body.

Thanks to this, cellulite significantly reduces its volume and the skin becomes smooth and soft.

The positive effect is expected to happen after 3 months of use.

The warm-up cream gel is dermatologically tested and does not contain scents and allergens.

Action of the active ingredients:

Guaraslim - balances the process of fat accumulation and stimulates their burning

Slimastevia - reduces cellulite and smooths the "orange" skin by attacking fat deposits and limiting their formation

coconut oil - maintains optimum water balance in the skin

cocoa butter - penetrates into the deep skin layers and effectively fights cellulite and stretch marks

caffeine - balancing fat burning processes; increases lipolysis, which helps reduce cellulite

Oil Shea - tightens, hydrates and degrade the skin, helps to eliminate the effect of "orange peel"

vitamin E - moisturisesand protects the skin from external aggressors; thanks to its antioxidant properties, vitamin fights free radicals, reduces dryness, softens, soothes and improves elasticity

An in vitro test was performed:

reducing the formation of fat deposits by 25%

stimulates the release of fatty deposits by 65%

Directions for use

Apply morning and evening.

Use vigorous movements starting from your knee and continuing up your thigh.

Massage for 10-15 minutes.

If you apply the product to slightly moist skin, the heating effect will increase.

Use the cream gel after birth for at least 3 months.

After use, wash your hands with soap and water .

Do not apply on a scar of cesarean or nipple on your chest.

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