Merz Special 60 Hair Capsules

Merz Special 60 Hair Capsules


Merz Special Hair capsules are a nutritional supplement specially formulated to help the growth of strong, healthy hair. The product contains a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, L-cysteine, red pepper and millet extracts. The active ingredients nourish the hair with beneficial substances essential for its health and beauty.

The company's products have been developed and tested by the Merz Dermatological Center in Frankfurt, Germany. They undergo strict quality control, which confirms their exceptional value.

Merz Special Hair Capsules are created using the innovative Micro-Targeting System, which facilitates the passage of nutrients into the blood. Thus, the key ingredients reach the places where they are needed, helping the body get the best out of the product.

Advantages of using the nutritional supplement:

-makes hair strong and beautiful;

-contributes to maintaining the pigmentation of the hairs;

-zinc favorably affects the overall condition of the hair;

-Vitamin B2 takes care of protecting the cells from oxidative stress;

-the mineral honey also participates in the process of normal hair pigmentation.


Nutritional value:

Daily dose in 2 caps:

Iron                               10.0 mg

Green tea extract     100.0 mg

Folic acid                     400.0 µg

Vitamin B12                    3.0 µg

Vitamin B6                     5.0 mg

Red pepper extract    20.0 mg

Niacin                     60.0 mg NE

Vitamin B1                     2.8 mg

Vitamin B2                     3.2 mg

Zinc                               13.0 mg

Biotin                          150.0 µg

L-Cystein                   450.0 mg

Panthothenic acid     12.0 mg

Honey                            1.0 mg

Millet extract              80.0 mg

Directions: Take one capsule twice a day with liquid of your choice.

Packaging: 60 capsules

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