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Baby and Child Vitamins & Supplements

Baby and Child Vitamins & Supplements

A well-balanced diet is key, but sometimes, little ones might need extra support. Our range of children's vitamins and supplements is formulated with essential nutrients to help bridge nutritional gaps and promote healthy development:

  • Multivitamins (Liquid, Gummies): Provide a daily dose of key vitamins and minerals for overall well-being.
  • Specific Needs (Vitamin D, Iron, etc.): Find targeted supplements to address individual needs with pediatrician guidance.
  • Delicious Formats: Explore fun formats like gummies and chewables to make supplement intake a breeze.

Brand: Alfa Marketing Model: Apeton-Multivitamin-Syrup-Royal-Jelly
Apeton Multivitamin Syrup & Royal Jelly Apeton syrup is a multivitamin syrup designed to increas..
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Brand: Naturpharma Model: Appetito-Bimbi-Syrup-200ml
Specially formulated to invigorate children's appetites, this concentrate is enriched with pollen an..
Ex Tax:£19.89
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Brand: Biogame Model: Biogame Syrup
Give your body the essential nutrients it needs with Aprovit Multivitamin Syrup! This delicious rasp..
Ex Tax:£6.77
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Brand: Neopharm Model: Aviron-Rapid-For-Kids-10-Sachets
 Aviron Rapid in convenient sachets, specially crafted for children aged 1 to 5 years. This del..
Ex Tax:£19.59
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Brand: Nobel Pharma Model: Bio-Balance-ABC-Kids-7-Sachets
Bio Balance ABC Kids 7 SachetsFood supplementProbiotics contain beneficial bacteria that colonize th..
Ex Tax:£12.89
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Brand: Nobel Pharma Model: Bio-Balance-Baby-10-Sachets
Probiotics contain beneficial bacteria that colonize the gastrointestinal tract and support the effe..
Ex Tax:£12.79
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Brand: Bioshield Model: BioAmica-Lactase-Enzyme-Drops-15ml
BioAmica Lactase Enzyme DropsBioAmica Lactase Enzyme Drops is a specially formulated solution for ba..
Ex Tax:£20.19
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Brand: Botanic Model: Ceget-plus-tablets-30
Support Your Body's Natural DefensesCeget Plus is a dietary supplement formulated to support your im..
Ex Tax:£11.69
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Brand: GSK Model: Cetebe-500mg
Discover Cetebe Vitamin C 500 mg capsules, designed to prevent and address vitamin C deficiency, bol..
Ex Tax:£10.59
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