Baby Food & Weaning Products

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Hipp Comfort Baby Herbal Tea (15 Doses): Soothe Tummies & Support Digestion (0m+)

Give your baby a calming and digestive boost with Hipp Comfort Organic Herbal Tea!Hipp Comfort Tea i..

£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.99

HiPP Organic Baby's Biscuits (6+ Months): Fun & Functional First Bites

Support healthy growth and development with HiPP Organic Baby's First Biscuits!These delicious and n..

£7.36 Ex Tax: £7.36

Hipp Organic Fennel Extract Tea (15 Doses): Gentle Relief for Tummy Troubles (0m+)

Hipp Organic Fennel Extract Tea is a natural and effective solution to soothe occasional tummy disco..

£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.99

Slantcho Banana Milk Porridge (4+ Months): Nutritious & Delicious Breakfast for Little Ones

This instant porridge is a convenient and delicious way to provide your little one with a healthy an..

£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.99

Slantcho Corn & Rice Porridge with Banana & Peach (4+ Months)

Slantcho Corn & Rice Porridge is a convenient and nutritious baby food option for babies aged 4 ..

£4.42 Ex Tax: £4.42

Slantcho Milk Porridge Assorted 11 Vitamins Without Gluten 4M+ 200g

Slantcho Milk Porridge Assorted offers a delightful variety for your child’s diet. This gluten-free ..

£5.07 Ex Tax: £5.07

Slantcho Milk Porridge Biscuits and Banana 6+ Months x200g

Slantcho Milk Porridge with Biscuits and Banana offers a delicious and nutritious addition to your c..

£5.07 Ex Tax: £5.07

Slantcho Milk Porridge with Biscuits and Bifidus 6+ Months 200g

Slantcho Milk Porridge with Biscuits and Bifidus is a nutritious and delicious food designed for chi..

£5.07 Ex Tax: £5.07

Slantcho Organic Buckwheat Dairy-Free Porridge (4+ Months)

Looking for a nutritious and delicious porridge option for your lactose-intolerant or milk-allergic ..

£4.54 Ex Tax: £4.54

Slantcho Rice Porridge "Sweet Dream" (4m+): A Delicious & Nutritious Choice for Growing Babies

This gluten-free rice porridge is a perfect choice for babies and toddlers aged 4 months and above, ..

£5.07 Ex Tax: £5.07

Slantcho Vegetable Porridge 5 Vegetables 11 Vitamins 6M+ 200g

Slantcho Vegetable Porridge with 5 Vegetables and 11 Vitamins is an excellent choice for children fr..

£5.07 Ex Tax: £5.07

Baby Food & Weaning Products
As your baby grows and develops, their nutritional needs evolve. Introducing solid foods marks a significant milestone in their journey to becoming a self-sufficient eater. Our comprehensive range of baby food and weaning products provides the perfect introduction to solid foods, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable transition for your little one.