Nasaleze Allergy Blocker Spray For Children

Nasaleze Allergy Blocker Spray For Children

Nasaleze Allergy Blocker Spray For Children

When to use Nasaleze Allergy Blocker?

Take Nasaleze Allergy Blocker before symptoms start.

Nasaleze Allergy Blocker is a preventative treatment in the fight against hay fever and allergies. As such, Nasaleze Allergy Blocker should be used before coming into contact with allergens to prevent them from landing on the nasal membrane and starting the allergic response.

Nasaleze Allergy Blocker is clinically proven to work effectively in mild to moderate allergic rhinitis sufferers.

If an allergic response has already started before taking Nasaleze Allergy Blocker, allow some time (about 30 minutes) for the immediate symptoms to subside, blow your nose and then apply Nasaleze Allergy Blocker.

Unlike medicines that help relieve allergy symptoms, Nasaleze Allergy Blocker works preventatively to stop an allergic reaction before symptoms start.

If concurrent use of another nasal spray is required, Nasaleze Allergy Blocker should be re-applied afterwards so that the barrier created is not disturbed.

Nasaleze Allergy Blocker can be used in addition to medicines, as part of a combination therapy strategy in the fight against hay fever and allergies.

Who can use Nasaleze Allergy Blocker?

• Nasaleze Allergy Blocker is suitable for adults, athletes, pregnant and breast-feeding women and children over 18 months of age.

• Keep out of reach of young children.

• Nasaleze Allergy Blocker does not contain any drugs or medicines.

• Nasaleze Allergy Blocker has a good safety profile.

• Nasaleze Allergy Blocker is not known to cause drowsiness.

How does Nasaleze Allergy Blocker work?

Nasaleze Allergy Blocker is a powder nasal spray. The powder turns into a gel in the nose which creates a barrier to shield and protect from airborne allergens.

Nasaleze Allergy Blocker protects the nasal membrane against airborne allergens, which is where the allergic response begins. By protecting the nasal membrane from airborne allergens, the degranulisation of the mast cells and subsequent release of IGE and histamine is avoided – which is in turn prevents the unpleasant usual symptoms of hay fever and allergies.

How to use Nasaleze Allergy Blocker

To defend against hay fever and allergies, Nasaleze Allergy Blocker needs to be applied 2 to 3 times per day to maintain an effective barrier. Nasaleze Allergy Blocker has been proven to be strongly resistant to pollen diffusion for up to 6 hours* per application. *[Diethart/Emberlin Invitro study]

The strength of the pollen count, proximity of the allergen and severity of the patients’ allergies all have an effect on how frequently Nasaleze Allergy Blocker should be taken.

Remember – take Nasaleze Allergy Blocker before your symptoms start.

If Nasaleze Allergy Blocker is not effectively relieving your symptom.

• Consult your physician about what medication you could take to supplement your Nasaleze Allergy Blocker in the fight against hay fever and allergies.

• If you have not taken this product before an allergic reaction occurs, wait for your allergic response to subside (about 30 minutes) then try again.

• Read the above guidance carefully and try Nasaleze Allergy Blocker using the above 5 steps.


• Not suitable for children under 18 months of age.

• Do not use this product if you are sensitive to cellulose and/or strawberry.

• Avoid contact with the eyes.

• Avoid contact with open wounds.

• If powder gets into your eye, rinse with water.

• To avoid contamination the product should not be used by more than one person.

• During first use, you may experience a tingling or burning sensation in the nose or light sneezing. This is a transient sensation that will go away as you become used to taking Nasaleze Allergy Blocker

• You may also feel some form of irritation, especially if your nasal membranes are already inflamed or irritated. This will subside quickly.

• Some individuals can feel a slight sensation of a clogged nose, this is normal and is the result of the barrier created by Nasaleze Allergy Blocker. In case of more than a slight sensation of a clogged nose it is possible that the product is being overused.

• If you experience serious discomfort after application of Nasaleze Allergy Blocker, consult your physician.

• If concurrent use of another nasal spray is required, Nasaleze Allergy Blocker should be re-applied afterwards so that the barrier created is not disturbed.

• Very few cases of allergic reactions to this product have been reported. Minor reports received have been clogged nose, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat. If you experience reactions more severe than this then the use of the product should be discontinued immediately and if symptoms persist, consult your physician.

Contact the manufacturer and competent authority.

• Do not use for more than 30 consecutive days.

 How to store Nasaleze Allergy Blocker

• Do not rinse the bottle with water or other liquid as this may block the bottle.

• Do not use if the tamper evident seal is broken.

• Always replace the cap.

• Store at room temperature, or between 5°C and 30°C

• Once opened use within 6 months.

• Do not refrigerate or freeze.

The Nasaleze Allergy Blocker treatment's effectiveness has been proven in over 35 clinical studies on more than 1,000 patients, published in leading journals, has won awards, has been prescribed by Health Care Professionals all over the world and has been featured formally in National Allergy Treatment Guidelines.


• HPMC 97%

• Strawberry powder 3%

Suitable for vegans

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