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Nasodren Nasal Spray 50mg 5ml

Nasodren Nasal Spray 50mg 5ml
Nasodren Nasal Spray 50mg 5ml
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  • Brand: Hartington Pharma
  • Model: Nasodren-Nasal-Spray-50mg-5ml
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Experience rapid relief from sinusitis symptoms with Nasodren – the powerful nasal spray designed for effective relief. Clinically proven to address common issues like nasal congestion, discharge, headache, and loss of smell, Nasodren stands out as a natural solution free from preservatives.

Crafted from Cyclamen europaeum extract using cutting-edge pharmaceutical technologies and adhering to the highest quality standards (GMP), Nasodren offers a unique and holistic approach to sinus care. Backed by multiple Clinical Trials and featured in the EPOS2012 Guidelines, Nasodren has earned the highest patient recommendations.

Unlock the advantages of Nasodren:


  • Experience nasal and sinus clearance in less than 3 minutes with Nasodren's swift action.

24-Hour Relief:

  • Spray once a day for lasting relief – Nasodren keeps you comfortable around the clock.

Single Pack Solution:

  • Most cases require just one 7-10 day treatment pack for comprehensive symptom relief.

100% Natural:

  • Embrace a preservative-free solution with Nasodren's Cyclamen europaeum extract.

Unique Mode of Action:

  • Nasodren clears and drains both the nose and sinuses, setting it apart in the treatment of sinusitis symptoms.

Before use, keep in mind:

  • Nasodren does not require inhalation – its local effect is sufficient.
  • Be prepared for immediate action, including sneezing and a mild burning sensation.
  • While rare, if you suspect an allergy to Cyclamen europaeum, avoid Nasodren.
  • If using decongestants, wait at least 2 hours before using Nasodren for optimal results.

With Nasodren, experience a natural, effective, and unique solution to sinusitis symptoms. Breathe freely, live comfortably – try Nasodren today.

Roberta 27/07/2023

The best product that ever existed on the market for sinusitis. One single dose was sorting even the most stubborn sinusitis, instantly. Congratulations to the producers! For some reason it's not found anymore in the pharmacies, so now my sinusitis lasts 2-3 weeks with fever and extreme fatigue. Of course, I'm off sick all this time. I'm sick as I tupe, the 10th day already and still not well. Unless it was the producer's decision, it beats me why not found anymore.

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