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Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or out of sorts? Rescue Remedy, a blend of 5 Bach flower essences, can help. It provides:

  • Gentle Relief: Soothes temporary anxieties and emotional upsets.
  • Natural Support: Promotes emotional well-being and balance.
  • Convenient Format: Easy-to-use drops for on-the-go support.

Made with natural ingredients and following the Bach flower tradition, Rescue Remedy is a trusted choice for emotional well-being.

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Brand: Nelsons Model: Rescue-Black-Currant-Pastilles-50g
Find gentle relief from everyday stress and anxieties with the delicious taste of Rescue Black Curra..
Ex Tax:£16.96
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Brand: Nelsons Model: Rescue-Cream-30ml
Rescue Cream offers a gentle and effective solution for dry, irritated skin. It combines the power o..
Ex Tax:£20.35
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Brand: Nelsons Model: Rescue Gummies
Experience a delicious and convenient way to manage everyday stress with Rescue Gummies! These ta..
Ex Tax:£36.48
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Brand: Nelsons Model: Rescue-Night-10ml
Rescue Night is a gentle solution for those who struggle to unwind and achieve restful sleep. This u..
Ex Tax:£23.48
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Brand: Nelsons Model: Rescue Original
Rescue Original Drops offer a gentle approach to managing everyday stress and anxieties.  Formu..
Ex Tax:£21.03
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Brand: Nelsons Model: Rescue-Remedy-Spray-20ml
Rescue Remedy Spray offers a portable and discreet solution for managing stress and emotional upset ..
Ex Tax:£29.97
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