No-Spa Comfort 40mg 24 Tablets

New No-Spa Comfort 40mg 24 Tablets

NO-SPA COMFORT is a preparation which, thanks relaxant properties tolerate pain resulting contractions.


Each tablet contains 40 mg drotaweryny hydrochloride.


The product belongs to a wide group of preparations acting relaxant effect on smooth muscle. Its operation is based primarily on stopping phosphodiesterase IV, which in turn causes an increase in cAMP levels, stimulation of myosin light chain kinase and relaxation of smooth muscle. The product is administered for treatment of diseases associated with an contractions of neurogenic etiology and muscle.


- allergic to components of the preparation

- a serious failure of the liver, kidney, heart

- atrioventricular block II and III degree

- the age of 6 years


The preparation indicated for spastic smooth muscle associated diseases of the biliary tract and urinary tract. In addition, it recommended the use of supporting the spastic gastrointestinal smooth muscle, painful menstruation and headaches of vascular etiology.


designed for oral use. For adults, use 3-6 tabl./24h taken in 2-3 doses in children aged 3-7 years is recommended 1-3 tabl./24h taken in 2-3 doses for children over 6 years of age 1 -5 tabl./24h taken in 2-5 doses.

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