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Oak Bark Bilec 60g

Oak Bark Bilec 60g
Oak Bark Bilec 60g
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Harness the Natural Benefits of Oak Bark Bilec

Discover Oak Bark Bilec, a traditional herbal remedy derived from the bark of oak trees, renowned for its soothing and healing properties. This natural remedy is carefully crafted and gently processed to preserve its active ingredients, making it an effective treatment for a range of skin conditions.

Embrace Natural Healing for Skin Irritations and Wounds

Oak Bark Bilec offers a natural solution for various skin ailments, including:

  • Pustules and pimples: Soothes and calms inflamed skin, reducing breakouts and promoting clear, healthy skin.
  • Cracked skin: Provides intense hydration and nourishment, restoring moisture balance and relieving dryness.
  • Hard-to-heal wounds: Accelerates healing processes and promotes the formation of new skin, promoting faster recovery.
  • Itching and burning sensations: Offers a soothing relief from itching and burning associated with skin irritations and wounds.
  • Hemorrhoids: Provides a gentle but effective treatment for hemorrhoids, alleviating discomfort and promoting healing.
  • Stomatitis and gingivitis: Combats inflammation and irritation of the mouth and gums, promoting oral health.

Simple and Convenient Preparation:

  • Prepare a soothing bath by simmering 60 g of chopped oak bark in 2 liters of boiling water for 20 minutes. Strain the decoction through gauze and immerse yourself in the bath for 15-20 minutes.
  • For gargling and mouthwash, bring 2 tablespoons of chopped oak bark to a boil in 1 liter of water. Let it simmer for 10 minutes, then allow it to cool for 30 minutes. Strain the decoction through gauze and gargle with the warm liquid several times a day.

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